Sights of the Bahamas Islands

Journey to Bahamas in May 2010

Nassau is located on New Providence Island. And Hotel Atlantis is located on Paradise Island, and with Nassau connected by the bridge. It consists of 6 different hotels. Read more →

xorolik | May 2010

Nassau, Bahamas – from Fort to Port

In this final review on Nassau, I will spend from the fort from the past post and go to the beach, see how tourists are resting, what water there and return to the port in the port. Read more →

Nassau, Bahamas – in search of non-cereals

Today I will start with the park, which stands near the court, there are very few tourists, a lot of greenery. Palm trees and bright beautiful houses. Even the fact that there is no sea near them, does not make this place more boring reading →

Sights of the Bahamas Islands

Nassau, Bahamas – Residential District and Water Tower

Not to say that the island is very picturesquely flying away from the sea, but there are interesting places. Empty streets become easier at home, although it is quite clean. Read more →

Tht55 | Spring 2015

Nassau, Bahamas – Escape from shops

After I went to the shore. Read more →

Sights of the Bahamas Islands

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