Attractions Thailand: Zoo dusit

However, there are several notable places in Bangkok, the visit to which will be wondering both adults and children.

One of these attractions – Zoo dusit, which works daily from 8-00 to 18-00. The cost of the entrance ticket to the Zoo for adults of Thailand is 100 baht, for foreigners – 170 baht. The price of a children’s entrance ticket is 2 times cheaper than adult. You can get to the zoo on foot from the Victory Monument BTS Metro Station, as well as buses 18, 28, 108, 528, 515, 539, 542.

  • Visit Zooada

Visit Zooada is better to schedule on an early morning or the second half of the day closer in the late afternoon, since most of its inhabitants from 11-00 to 16-00 seek to hide from the scorching sun and fall asleep. Bangkok residents come to the zoo mostly at the weekend, so on weekdays in dusit are very low. When entering visitors issues a zoo map from which you can find out the location of the main objects.

History of Zoo Dusit

Zoosad leads his story since 1895, when the ruler Siam Rama V, impressed by the beauty of parks in European cities, gave orders to divide the Botanical Garden to the east of the channel, which was called Khaa Dean Van. Originally, the garden, closely adjusted to the royal palace, could use only representatives of the ruling dynasty.

Sights of Thailand Zoo Dusit
  • History of Zoo

During the reign of King Rama VII, the garden increased its territory, became available for a broader public. After, as a result of the revolution of 1932, Siame changed the system, and the constitutional form of government came to replace the monarchist device, the head of government Pibunsongram appealed to King Rama VIII with a request to provide a garden to public use. Monarch agreed and ordered to transfer the garden to his crocodiles, spotted deer, elephants and monkeys. After additional works were performed in the garden, the Royal Garden, renamed the Zoo Dusit, on March 18, 1938, opened its doors for the first visitors.

Variety of animal world Zoo dusit

To date, in Zoo, over 1.6 thousand species of various animals, including birds, reptiles and mammals are presented. Every aviary in which animals contains, special signs are posted, which provides information on interesting facts in the inhabitant of the Woller. White Tigers and Live Deer Albino.

  • Circus and animal walking

Tourists visiting Zoosad have the opportunity not only to admire animals, but feed some of them. In addition, the zoo guests are waiting for riding on elephants, a circus performance with animals, as well as a walk on catamaran. Especially for young visitors, the zoo is a children’s playground, where the guys can ride various attractions. You can also see the article – "Shopping Features in the capital of Thailand", which will tell you a lot about this type of tourism.

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