Thailand Attractions: Personal Experience

(Khaosan Rd.,Bangkok – Contemporary Regraving Symbol.

(Travel: from Suvarnabui Airport overground urban metro at the level of the station Paiya Tai for 45V, go down to the street and go to the Victory Monument or take a 1st station to the metro station to the Victory Monument for 15V, get away from the platform to the square and take the bus number 503 for 13V to get to stop Ratchadamnoen. Go Prospekt and pass 200 meters) Story Story Street Kaosan.

A small street is about 0.5 km., In the city center, with many hostels, guest houses and hotels. Near the most important for Thais and all travelers, historical monuments: the royal palace, Wat Arun and much more. Life boils and boils here 365 days. Here you feel in the center of life and peace. The faces of all nationalities see here as often as anywhere else in Europe or America. Probably – this street was the first in Asia, where hippies, rastamans and others felt like brothers and sisters. Motley clothes and music Rggie and are now relevant here where people live.

Beaches Koh Chang

Beaches are very diverse: wide and narrow, long and short, with deciduous trees and high palm trees. Populated and deserted. We chose the place of Ka Bae, almost in the southern end of the island. Pacific place, clean beach. There are few people, but the atmosphere of the resort island lost somewhere in Asia, which is described in the notes of a two-year old, has already gone. This was where batch tourists began to carry, a lot of guests from Krasnoyarsk, and our speech is also just like in Pattaya.

Chang has already been a fairly well-known resort, who has found his place in advertising prospectuses of travel firms. Nevertheless, landscapes make eyes. Not far from Ka Bae, in five kilometers of steep serpentines, Lonli Beach Beach, where you can talk with travelers from around the world. Lonli Beach – Nightlife Center and Favorite Beach of Western Youth, Beckpeckers, For months traveling around the world.

Art in Paradise in Pattaya: Prices

Art in Paradise is the place where it will be interesting not only to adults, but also especially children. Going to the building fall into a fairy tale that comes to life and cares every second. What are the photos.

When entering the museum you need to pass shoes, as the floors are also painted and it is clear that you can spoil all the beauty. Adult entrance costs 500 baht, for children 300 baht if the child is below 150 cm and work from 9 am to 9 pm. Art in Paradise is very popular among tourists, and as otherwise, because this museum is simply impregnated with positive and good mood.

Bay Tian Og – "Lot of paradise on earth"

"Lot of paradise on earth" – it’s about our first place. Tao Island in Siamese Gulf. Favorite place of European and American divers and lovers swim from the mask. A small island covered with tropical greenery and coconut palm trees. We did not stop at the pop main beach Siri Beach, because it is not necessary to go to Tao. We booked a hotel in the best bay of this island, hidden from curious eyes – Tian Og (Thian OG).

It is very, very cool from the point of view of what should be the perfect bay for beach relaxes. Small, beautiful, with wonderful white coral sand, like a semolina, without a heap of people, without ours from Nizhny Tagil and its surroundings. There are no tide tide, water is always at the shore and you can swim at any time of the day. Very photogenic beach. Maldives? No, did not hear. Our Bay Tian Og – Better Any Maldives.

The second name of this place – Shark Bay. Yes, friends, here are sharks. Calm! Sharks only whales are those who do not eat people, eat only fish and generally affectionate as cats. They can be seen if sailed from the shore of 200 meters, not less.

Visiting the serpentry farm in Bangkok

I also visited the so-called snake farm, literally two steps from Siloma.

The main building in which there is a museum telling the most amazing details about the life of the snake.

However, the nail of the program there is the extraction of poison for sera, produced daily in my opinion at 11 am. It begins with a harmless story about how and for what it is done, with visual exhibits.

And then the harsh view of the comrades get a snake. And produce extraction.

On the serpent you can see in the farm park, where they live in closed pens.

Opium Museum in Chiang Senne

In Chiang Sena, we stopped right at the point of the given name the entire region, the golden triangle, where the boundaries of Thailand, Laos and Burma are found.

The main thing here is – two opium museums, a small private and huge, built in the framework of the next royal project to combat production and consumption of opium, and this region is historically the main drug manufacturer in the 20th century.

In a small private museum of opium, many stands with guns of production and consumption of opium, the history of opium trading, in the Big Museum more describes the detrimental consequences of drug users.

In a small museum, there is even a children’s corner, where children draw a cheerful opium poppy.

Chiang Mai Zoo: Prices

On the territory of the zoo, there are also entertainment not only for children, but I am for adults, by the word zipline for just 100 baht, but how much fun)))

. is input to the zoo bat 100, the aquarium – bat 450, a house card to pandas – 150 THB . Buy sliced ​​bananas for animals – 20 baht, food for birds – 20 baht, bananas for the elephants – 10 baht, potatoes for deer – 20 Baht . viewing pleasure – invaluance))) by the way, parking for bicycles is free . From the old city to the zoo you can get in 30 minutes (including traffic lights), I would not go to the park on the park on a bicycle, because the zoo is at the foot of the mountains and sometimes I had to climb a slide)))

Snow-White Sand Island Ko-Lan near Pattaya

Dirty beaches Pattaya

Sunsets here are very beautiful. This is probably the only thing that is still not under the power to sneeze a person.

And this is already a view from the beach to the viewing platform and sign. On the beach in the evenings run rats, during the day there you can meet a bunch of insects eating larger ones of similar unwinding individuals. Here on the beach you can contemplate piles of different garbage and broken glass. Nevertheless, the water turned out to be relatively clean and I met only two swimming tubes and one plastic bottle of water. This is not a Chaweng with his canisters, pieces of plastics and bolds that fall on you due to the horizon. Here the process of the fantastic is advantageous from the shore.

Ice bar "Bar Ice" On the island of Samui, Thailand

If you are on Samui Island in Thailand be sure to go to the ice bar (Ice Bar). We liked it most, the week was twice, Ice Bar myself completely from ice (recently renovated) – the whole interior of ice, walls and even glasses, the choice of unique alcohol taste.

Entrance to the ice bar is $ 18, but it is including 4 drinks and warm clothes, children for free. There is also a garden bar and one more inside with air conditioning (perfect in a tropical climate) in my opinion the only island. Plus liked the atmosphere itself and the service at the beginning was quiet, but the later, the more fun and more people. We were in the icebreaker in London – much more expensive and did not like it like here.

Beaches Samui

Clean beaches and snorkeling on Ko-Changga

Sights of Thailand Personal Experience

Lo Dalam – the most dirty beach

Beaches on Phuket Island

Karon Beach is located in the west of Phuket South Patong and Nord Kata Beach, and is one best and most picturesque beaches of the island with "Singing" Sands. Sand on the beach is light, small and pleasant, but, though, not so small as flour. In the afternoon, the sand was not strong in the sun, and it was possible to easily walk by barefoot. "Singing" The sand is a characteristic embrying – the buzz under his feet at the time when it spend the foot on its surface.

Sand on the beach is very good, the beach itself is exotic beautiful, wide – pine and sometimes coconut palms grow near the road. The length of the beach is about 5 kilometers. We were this time in the very center of Karon Beach. Tides and flows are noticeable here. During low tide, water leaves meters for 20-30.

Now about the river – smelhes, falling into the sea on the beach Karon. On the caron there are only three pieces – the first in the northernmost (top) part of the beach, the second – flows into the sea to the almost very center of the beach, while traveling through the territory of the Hilton Arcadia hotel, then crossing the road along the beach and continuing his way along the beach to the place of failure – Just opposite the hotel Baan Karon Buri. The third river flows into the sea in the southern (bottom) part of the beach of Karon. During the dry season (December – April), these rivers are usually short-lived, since there are no rains, and their water do not fall into the sea, and drill drill. At this time on the beach of Karon, the water is very clean and, with a calm sea – very transparent, not less than 10-15 meters deep. When rains come, then these rivers are gaining strength and pour into the sea. This is a normal process. But he is terrible for lovers of pure sea and transparent water. Since the rains during our holiday had a lot, then the rivers respectively fell into the sea, polluting it. At the same time, the water in the sea was painted in a rusty color and actually stuck. Some tourists bathed in the sea, it would seem without noticing it. We tried to watch where the flow in the sea and go in the opposite side on the beach, there the water, at least not stink. Do not console yourself with the thought that it is worth a little step away and the water will be pure again. If you go along the beach in the direction of the current, then you can pass not one kilometer, but the water will still be smelly and rusty. This is what we experienced. So Karon Beach is beautiful, but only in the dry season.

Yes, it is still worth mentioning underwater flows on Karon Beach in Non-Zezon, somewhere from May to the end of November that can easily tighten into the sea. That is why Karon is considered the most insidious beach of Phuket, where the most tourists die every year, what you must know about. True, from December to April underwater flows in the caron. On our site of the beaches of buuki, it was not possible to swim anywhere, but sometimes scooters and motorboats were bored, but not much.

The beach of Karon Public and hotels on it does not have its own territory, except for the Single Hotel Karon Beach that in the southernmost Karon Beach is just at the place of signage to the sea of ​​one of the speech-stinks. Accordingly, it is not equipped, t.E. There is no toilets, nor soul, nor fresh water to rinse legs. It is only worth guessing where the toilet on the beach was really.

It is not clear why the Thai authorities do not exercise the beaches after all so very close to their pollution.

In general, Phuket never cease to be surprised at the genius of that thinker who came up with and the main thing in practice the construction of roads right near the beaches (Patong, Karon, Kata). Let it be very small roads and noise from them on the beach is not heard, because there is a bias to the sea, but the inconvenience for vacationers here is obvious. Local entrepreneurs organized a row of sun beds on the beach with umbrellas and snack bars. A pair of sun beds with an umbrella cost 200 baht per day. They make sense to take if you spend most of the day on the beach.

It is very surprising that on the beach there are not a lot of merchants, as well as on the beach does not drive local transport, such as on beaches Bang Tao or Kata. Also, we regretted that there are no restaurants, taverns on carone, taverns or other catering businesses right on the beach, where it would be possible to dine romantically, for example, watching the sunset.

Our hotel only provided beach towels to relax on the beach. The exchange of towels took place in the evening in the room. Such a service, of course, is convenient because there is no need to constantly walk to the rack with towels. Not used here also cards for towels.

In my opinion, the hotel should organize their beach site for hotel guests.

Sunset in the sea smooth, sandy, no stones or corals at the entrance to the sea are not, but there is a good frog, where children can compete and where they are on the belt or on the chest.

Sea during our recreation this time very often was restless, sometimes with waves two meters and above. But were also relatively good days. At the same time, the wave of the shore is always, even with a calm sea. Here, in full feeling the power of water element. It is only a slightly climb, as it would seem a harmless wave can knock down, and the waves can barely bring and bodily injuries. So once, with sufficiently small waves, we watched one woman broke her hand, because the wave unsuccessfully threw her. I was lucky more, the wave only rolled me on a sand with small scratches. During the excitement, the water in the sea became muddy, but with a calm sea and the absence of a flap of freshwater river – smelhes, the water in the sea was transparent.

There is also a small underwater world. In the southernmost of the beach along the stones and the same in the northern part along the stones there are small coral reefs with a few compared to the Red Sea of ​​its inhabitants. I counted about 20 types of coral fish – a wolfish, fisher-flute, fish, parrot, fish – surgeons, fish-rhinoceros, fish-Yozh, various bodyworks and others.

There were sometimes jellyfish in the sea, so to avoid a collision with them, it is better to swim either in glasses either in a mask. In the water, by the way, microscopic jellyfish also bite – sometimes more sometimes – not very, and no matter from time to time. These bites deliver only some inconvenience, but there are no redness or burns on the skin from them.

Weather at the end of March early April 2011. Gas out on Phuket completely opposite normal weather for this season. Usually it is pretty dry and hot time. We saw the sun on only a couple of days at the beginning and at the end of the holiday. Also for several days it shone due to clouds, and most days were completely cloudy. Somewhere 4-5 days were predominantly rainy, and on March 29, 2011, when we went with a one-day excursion in Bangkok, at least three Martovsky rainbar standards fell on Phuket. But but it was not hot, but comfortable, what happened to us at this time of the year for the first time. It seems that such a change of weather was associated with a recent strong earthquake in Japan. At the same time, we still can be said, lucky because in 200-300 km. North-East in Surat Tanya and Islands Samui, Phangan and Tao have serious floods. In Phuket, at this time of flooding was not, despite the beaten precipitation.

Despite the rains, I was never cool – not in the evening, no night. Only a couple of times, when there were sudden impulses of the wind in the evening, it seemed that it became cool, but this feeling quickly passed. Comfortable clothes in Thailand Standard and Day and Night – T-shirt, Shorts and slaps. The air temperature was 28-30, and in the evening – about 25-27 degrees. The water in the sea was about 29 degrees, she refreshed a little, but it could be swimming as much as you want to freeze it.

Humidity on Phuket was quite acceptable. Lingerie dries very quickly in sunny weather, but when rains and overcast, then with drying linen problems.

Sights of Thailand Personal Experience

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