Sights of Switzerland: Personal Experience

The cost of such a walk from the town of Interlaken – 198 francs (if no more Swiss discounts were acquired in advance). I paid 193 Franca – but it was the price of my hotel (Hotel Beausite) Plus I was given a local dash discount card local.

Lean at 8:05 pm from the station Interlaken West, arrived at the final at about 10:30.

But then I got used to, only the stairs reminded that the same was high. The air seemed to be impregnated by the smell "quartz lamp", but it stopped noticing quite quickly. Neither nausea nor headaches have experienced – in some reviews there were such things mentioned.

The pathway: transplantation on the interlaken Ost to Grindelwald, then in Grindelwald Transplant to Klyain Sheydeg, and the last transplant in Klein Shaydeg to Jungfraujoch.

The path back: from Jungfrauiok to Klyain Sheydeg, then a transplant to Lauterbr√ľnen, where again the transplant to the train to the interlaken Ost, from where you can also get to Interlaken West or stroll to it on foot – I chose to walk, and in the course I found out that the interlakene is very Even a cute town, I suspect, the warm season looks wonderful. Neat hotels, shops and restaurants, well-kept park, horizon are completely out of snow-covered silent gigids and covered with forests of sullen giants, paraplaneers in the sky flip weightless, and in the district a huge number of interesting places to visit – uniquely pretty town this interlakene.

As noted above, the interlaken probably looks much more painfully in the warm season, so there are few pictures about him here, exactly on the first two collages. Next – about the path to the snow-covered vertices.

The staff along the way to the top is wonderful, ensures that no one has fallen behind and not lost during two 5-silent stops on the way to Jungfrauokh, – immediately see a distinguished tourist and prompt him the direction. The route is available outlined plus the pointers around – it’s difficult to get lost. And it’s hard to leave from there, because the types around, sparkling under the blinding sun, indirectly beautiful.

By the way, there is free access to Wi-Fi on the territory of the complex, which is easy to make video call and share the observed beauty with loved ones.

In addition to the contemplation of fantastic species from the open sphinx sites (about it, more on the further) and the plateau, there is a package in the complex, than to do: there is a panoramic room, the covered part of the Sphinx Observatory, a restaurant, a bistro and a cafe, a couple of souvenir shops (in one of which can be purchased Postcard for 1.2 franc and brand for the same time, if for Europe, immediately sign and send to a big land – and by the way, in the interlakene the same postcards stand from 0.40 Franca), interesting and informatively decorated corridors, an ice palace with sculptures (there is very slippery, if that), as well as a playground with winter entertainment (Sanki and dog’s slices).

The path consists of several transfers, and at each station – infinitely beautiful landscapes.

Well, the vertex of Jungfrau, his own person. You can get closer to it, if you go to an open plateau. At the plateau, as can be seen, most is fenced with a rope, but, in truth, I would not risk, and I could not, even on the punctacles to advance – the hellish wind and slippery snow surface did it even on the available part of the plateau quite extreme: Multi-seconds quite enough to, making a pair of frames and barely holding down on the legs, quickly rush back into the warm room of the indoor complex.

Sights of Switzerland Personal Experience

Saas-Fe called soul Switzerland

Saas-Fe called soul Switzerland.

Excellent wheelchair for skiers, and for snowboarders is provided here almost all year round. After all, the resort is surrounded by eighteen peaks of trains. A big height difference (1470-3600 m) allows you to ride here, both beginners and professionals throughout the year. There are tracks and schools for freeride. Thanks to the Alpine Express cable car to get to the nearest glacier 3000 meters high in just a few minutes. Funicular comfortable, and still rising, enjoying landscapes.

I was pleased with the most alpine subway and "Ice Pavilion" – Museum of the Glacier with Ice Statues Sparkling Ice Tunnels. True, in ski boots descend and climb the stairs very stress.

Ski-Pass costs 70 francs for a day or 556 francs for 10 days. Quite expensive in general, of course, but it is worth it.

But come here it is especially spring, in March. Not only because, unlike other resorts, there is still a lot of snow and excellent wheelchair, but also because an impressive Wow event is held here "Bicycle races in the snow". Cyclists, lunchy fluffy snow, rushing down the slope, and all this against the background of huge four-tailed gigids, is really cool.

Sights of Switzerland Personal Experience

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