Sights of Switzerland: Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano itself (WWW.LakeLugano.CH) can be considered quite independent landmarks. The most picturesque reservoir, curling like a fjord between several mountain ranges, lies at an altitude of 271 meters above sea level and is considered one of the most high-mountainous major lakes Switzerland.

Its length is about 33 kilometers with width rarely where more than two, so the opposite slopes and villages are associated with a thick network of water routes. The main pier Lugano-Centrale is located almost opposite the city tourophice, and another one – Lugano-Giardino – literally 100 meters east. From here you can go on a special cruise (more than a dozen have developed) on this idyllic lake, and just ride on it on board any of the boats, regularly departed from the local Marina.


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Sights of Switzerland Lake Lugano

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Town near Lugano is called – Paradiso. I remember, I rode on the ship on the lake and hopping his breath, listened to the ad Captain: "Next stop – Paradise". Read more →

Sights of Switzerland Lake Lugano

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