Sights of Sweden

The country is richly endowed with natural beauty and landmarks – green fields of the south of the country and the harsh tundra of Lapland, the green hills of the West and the woody cliffs of Norbootten, the picturesque islands and South Schhers and the calm coast of the Boat Bathroom, a huge lake system and many wild animals – all attracts a huge Number of tourists. And her rich history and beautiful cities will allow you to familiarize yourself with the country’s original culture.

Sights of Sweden

Stockholm lies on 14 islands on the shores of Lake Melarien and the Strait of Northstream, and is considered one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. The first mention of Stockholm refers to 1252, and since the XIII century, the city was a permanent residence of the Swedish kings and the capital of a huge territory at the time of Sweden.

Gothenburg, located on the west coast of the country, is the second largest city in Sweden and the most important port of the country. The city is famous for its clean beaches, beautiful landscapes with numerous forests and lakes, as well as a picturesque archipelago of hundreds of islands near the urban trait.

Malmo lies in the south of the country, in the province of scan. Northeast Malmo is one of the oldest cities in the country – squid, in which in 1397. The signing took place "Kalmar Uania".

In the middle part of the country, patriarchal medieval cities are interesting, among which the Uppsala occupies a special place – the fourth largest city of Sweden, lying in 70 km. north of the capital.

Evle (G&# 228; VLE), the capital of the province of Gastricland, founded in 1446. After numerous fires of the old city, only "Old center" Gamla Göfl, also interesting Museum Landsmuset Eureborg with works of Swedish artists and house-museum Joe Hila.

Sundsvalle or "Stone city" It is a real open-air museum (Norra Bergets Hantyurx oh Fryluutmusum).

Resort village Mura on the shore of Lake Silyan is interested in his museum a. Torn.

Westeros attracts tourists with her Gothic Cathedral (XIII in.) and castles of the XII and XIII centuries.

Bjorko Island

On the island of Bjorko (50 km from Stockholm), excavations of the first city of the country – tags often mentioned in medieval chronicles. Today in the territory of the Tag (entered into the list of UNESCO protected objects) excavated ancient fortress, city shafts, more than a thousand burials of the Viking era and work the Viking Museum. 47 km north-west of Stockholm lies the first capital of the Swedish state – Sigtun, founded in 980 g. N. NS. Here are interesting tower. Lars (1100 g.), Gothic Church of St. Mary (XIII in.), Castle and former Women’s Monastery Skocoloster, excavations of ancient streets and Palace Rozersberg (XVII in.), from 1762 g. Being royal residence. Linking is famous for the Cathedral of the XII in. and castle xiii in., And Norrchoping – the Church Hedigna (XVII in.).

Islands Gotland and Eland

Opposite the squid in the Baltic Sea lies the biggest (2960 kV. km) and famous island of the country – Gotland. In times of Vikings on this elevated island, nature itself "adapted" For defense, there was an important shopping center, and then the Base of the Hanseatic Union. The many Churches of the Baltic and Gothic style came to this day, which in the Middle Ages there were more than a hundred, burial of the Bronze Age era under huge stone mits, famous memorial Gotland Stel (V in.) and remnants of many buildings belonging to the most different peoples of the era "Great Resettlement". Also, the island is popular and as the resort area – its surface, which is an elevated plateau with ripples, is cursed by karst formations. Coniferous and flat forests, as well as focal peatlands, give the landscape a special charm, and numerous narrow beaches, picturesque green fields and colorful fishing villages attract fans here "Rustic holidays".

Visby, the capital of Gotland, in the Middle Ages was considered one of the most important European shopping centers. From that turbulent era, the remains of the fortress wall are preserved (XIII in.), about 40 towers, Domkhurg Church (1190-1255.), dilapidated churches. Nicholas, CV. Lars and CV. Karins, Church of St. Mary, Ruins of Vysborg Castle (XV in.) and archaeological museum "Gotland Fornsal".

Between Gotland and the mainland lies a slightly smaller island of Eland – the ground of windmills (their more than four hundred), forts of the early iron century (the largest of them – grabrang, with a diameter of 200 m.), also famous for its Museum of medieval life Eketorp, Ruins of the castle Borholm and Lighthouses.

Sights of Sweden

North Sweden

North of the country, the area of ​​harsh mountains and green forests, attracts with their nature and excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.

Yokmokk Located in a minorized wooded part of the country and is the cultural center of the people "am", Offering attention to the guests of the Aitte Museum with a unique collection of folk art.

City of miners Kiruna, The largest in Swedish Lapland is located behind the polar circle and is often called "City of White Nights". Here is an interesting museum Kiruna Samgard with an exposition dedicated to the culture of the people "Saami".

In the northeastern part of Norboottin, you can find National Parks Sarere, Stra-Shewffallet, Pedialante, as well as Abisc, Muddus and others.

Sport resorts Sweden

There are many ski and ski centers equipped in accordance with the most modern standards throughout the country.

The largest of them is Ore, Located at the foot of the wooded mountains near the Norwegian border (620 km from Stockholm). More than 100 tracks with a total length of 83 km at altitudes from 400 to 1400 m. Ore is divided into 4 zones of riding and accommodation – Ore Dood, Ore Tegrafal, Actually Ore and Ore Bjornen, interconnected by three bus routes. Also created all the conditions for recreation after skiing – acting bars and cafes right on the slopes, discos, restaurants, children’s entertainment complexes, nightclubs, and t.D. Nearby are the largest waterfall of the country – Tananoforsen (38-100 m), a small chocolate factory fialconfect (for the polar circle!) And the ancient Copper Mine Freo, which is an open-air museum.

Popular ski resort Selenium Located in Central Sweden, in the Vester-Dallenn River Valley, 320 km from Stockholm. Range areas Lindvalen-Tegravet and Tandodalen-Hundfieleet offer more than 50 km of ski slopes at altitudes from 300 to 1100 m and all recreation conditions.

Sights of Sweden

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