Sights of Sweden: Personal Experience

View panorama of the city We decided with SkyView. Two glass bowls ride on rails laid on the world’s largest spherical building – Ericsson Globe. Located all this business between the streets of Arenavagen and Skanstullsbron, Globen Metro Station. In winter, it is better to come there until lunch, t.To. at three o’clock already starts twilight, – really not see anything, and night lights have not lit. Adult ticket costs 145 crowns, and for 1950 you can organize a private balloons. IMHO, in 20 minutes somehow dofiga. And for 400, they will give a dry solder a bottle of champagne, to celebrate the rise of 130 meters above sea level.

Rising in a bowl pretty. The viewing angle changes all the time, in contrast to traditional panoramic sites. And you can also consider the device of mechanisms and the dome itself near.

Restaurants in Clapepen

Two restaurants, one below, where most trails are found. It is called Tranan, the second – on Mount, where the chair lift comes. Called TopPstugan.

Topstyugan – wooden house with duplex roof and spacious restaurant hall. Open space for the entire height, before the beams, due to high stained glass windows and large windows, unusually light. Pleasant restaurant, cozy, with wonderful views of the surrounding landscape from panoramic windows.

Kitchen on the principle of self-service. At least salads. Hot on the menu. The name of the dishes are written in chalk on black school boards and ordered in the window at the cook. The choice of salads and soups, including popular on ski resorts, thick and sharp, Austro-Hungarian Goulash soup. From the amount of meat in the soup, every time you think about what it is – the first or second? Meatballs with lingonberry jam familiar to IKEA.

To the meat and fried bacon served a sweet lingonberry, not swept away, and sugar filled and aged several days, why the lingonberry gives thick juice without bitterness. There is a shrimp dish – fantastically delicious. Size portions will make workers. It’s hard to choose between meat and fish. Both tasty. Local fish, recently spoke in Swedish. Fish portions on big plates do not look big, but they are quite enough.

Of minuses. The names of dishes are written in Swedish. But all the Swedes speak great in English.

In the lower restaurant, Tranan can not be missed aprey-ski.

There live music. After historical Eurovision, when Abba won and Sweden found the status of a musical power, all Swedish musicians have to fit the high musical level. What they do. The repertoire of recognizable popular songs greatly raises the mood. Many people are stuck, although you can always find a free space on the scene. Adults usually drink beer, gourmet – cocktails or coffee.

Children parents indulge in desserts, ice cream with cloudberry and round chocolate cake balls, which are swedish in Swedish – Kaka. That does not spoil the appetite.

Awesome spectacle when the whole hall, to the music, sweats the musicians and swinging from side to side, in a single rhythm. Not to join the total fun would be strange.

Middle account 450 rubles. This is a goulash soup, shrimp sandwich, if you order it as the main dish, there will be many shrimp on a plate, salad and bread, still coffee or tea with gingerbread.

Finally, near the restaurant trance there is a dining room for picnics.

If there is no desire to go to a restaurant or in a backpack behind your backs are sandwiches, here you can find not only the table, but also microwaves, and kettles.

Trails in Clapepen

Total track length – just over 35 kilometers. Basically uncomplicated, blue and green. But there are red, and even black. Not bad steep tracks – Trolffallet and Grottbanten in the forest permit. The snow strip, parallel to the trollfallet leave untreated, for offpista.

The tracks diverge from the top of the mountain where the chair lift rises, on 4 sides of the world. Southern, Oriental and Northern, laid in a beautiful spruce forest.

Ski trails are excellent, but most importantly, this is the quality of snow. The geographical location of the resort and the Scandinavian northern climate is responsible for its preparation. And to protect against natural anomalies there is a whole artillery from snow guns.

Cycres in a snowpark look like sea waves. Blue markup on the ridges, at the points of separation. We manage to see the improvised acrobatic show from the lift – how high and beautifully fly up the borders and skiers – New School, with rotation 360 and 720.

In Clapepen, three snowpark separated by wedges of the forest, with cycles, forms for Gibling and Hafpipe, from a simple snowpad for children and beginners, to expert, with Big Air, where the champions and the Swedish snowboard team train. This snowpark is the best in Sweden, so there is even a sports gymnasium and the Snowboard Academy, where they give the lessons to tourists, which, however, does not prevent the parks to ride in the parks to everyone who risked to test themselves on strength.

In addition to ski slopes and snowpark, there are still active entertainment, very promoting adrenaline.

Clappen for children

For children there are lifts preferred.

In general, children here are the main customers, so it is not by chance on arrows with the marking of ski slopes – images of animals. It’s easier to remember the tracks and harder to get lost.

Never anywhere before, I have not seen such a number of children. It seems that children are at least 50% of the total visitors.

Clappen, quite rightly declaring himself a family resort, invented a bunch of ways than to take a child. The fabulous trolls are walking around the mountain, in the children’s ski club Troll & Trollas take children from 3 years old, there is a children’s snowpark that does not miss and adults. Ski carousel for small, snowy mountain for young climbers, driving dogs and probably something else that you will not notice right away.

For children up to 8 years old lifts free!

To do this, there are a special gate at the entrances, in which the children are older to go through, should do that they do. Apprasks in restaurants are not without the participation of children. Moreover, they are not separated from adults.

But what impressed most of all.

Discarding on the doors of toilets, along with other, unusual pictograms with the familiar figures – silhouettes of M and w, but for some reason the heart circled, I could not overcome curiosity and looked into one of them. Well, first, the cabin was spacious as usual, and secondly . Next to the adult toilet, stood. Children’s toilet.

How to get to Clappen

From Stockholm to Clapp ski resort that is situated in the region Sälen, Dalarna province – 410 km, from Gothenburg – 470 Oslo – 260 km. It is indicated by a small point of about in the middle of the Swedish map and not so far from Norway.

GPS KLAPPEN 61.0323508N 13.3400336E (61 ° 1’56.4629”N 13 ° 20’24.121””e)

On SwedClub website.EN / DALARNA / 919 There is such information: except for the car, "From Stockholm, you can drive by bus by bus by Fjallexpressen or by train SJ Inter City to Moore. From there the bus goes to Clappen. Clapp is connected with the rest of the resorts ski area Sälen (Hudnfelet – Tandedalen, Lindvall – Hegfelet and simplicity) bus route, fare which is free for holders of the card on the lift."

Stockholm museums ranked

Museum Photos was able to please only five photos. Everything else – Tresh! It seems that there are trying to simply earn money from selling books with famous photos, tickets for 100 crowns and finishing a lunch in a cafe at the top. The exposition consisted of four different exhibitions: one was about the photo for the magazines of past years, the other about the corpses found in the parks and lakes, the third about children in the blood and the fourth – the shock, where on one of the photos three young girls wrote standing on the top of the hill.

The Museum of Contemporary Art also could not please with its exposition. For the same 100 crowns, you will be offered for example. Yes, and all of them are already very far from our time;)

As really interesting expositions, it is better to visit shops and galleries with design objects of interiors who are found throughout the city or descend into the subway, whose stations turned into art exhibitions. You can look at a funny perfractor – Changing Karaul from the Royal Palace or Fountain on Square near T-Central.

The cost of entrance tickets to the Museums Stockholm

Museum of Contemporary Art in Stockholm

Stockholm from the water: Spring Walking on the boat

We went to the sea walk on one of the numerous channels. The pier is on a picturesque embankment s&# 246; Dra Blasieholmskajen, near the famous Grand Hotel.

Retro boats moored by the embankment, very beautiful and colorful, as if underlineing the traditions and stable life of the Swedes. But meet modern luxury yachts. Despite the fact that the standard of living in Sweden is one of the highest in Europe, people here know the measure even in the bohemian lifestyle. Optimal sufficiency is the motto of the Swedish mentality.

I will not say that the boat walk is very informative, but something is undoubtedly pleasant and the peaceful here is. Back the boat is the same route. But still there are still many interesting details.

Museum of Heroes Astrid Lindgren – Unibachen

Sights of Sweden Personal Experience

On the entrance (11 am!) There was a decent dense-snake. By survey found out that it would be not so much to stand for at least 40 minutes, but at -20 the prospect of frosting the child was embarrassed extremely and annoyed.

But there was nowhere to go. And on the speakerphone, the museum staff was very kindly reported that they were doing everything possible to visit the museum as quickly as possible. Of course, we were digging and lost everything around the museum, at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, Lindgren’s bronze Astrid and the fun painted Phaneur with her heroes, instead of the face of which were holes for children’s photos.

That’s finally, and switched the cold border and found themselves in heat. Adult ticket costs – 125 crowns (

12.50 €), children’s – 110 kroons (

11 €). At the checkout, we were told an incomprehensible phrase that they say "The train is overloaded, you take a museum, and then approach the 3rd hour".

We did not understand anything at all, what train, why do we train. Moved to the dressing room. Of course, a large number of visitors is a bustle, and shortness, and queues. In the lobby, it was so much the people that trying not to step on the feet of a relaxed Swedish children on the feet, we did not even really see the storage lockers in the form of roots of books. Tickets have shown before some entrance and found themselves in a not very large hall in which the heroes of the incomparable Astrid live.

In Russia, everyone knows Carlson and Peppi, but with other characters from her fabulous stories "Famous Detective Calle Bloomvist", "Emil from Lönneberg", "Rasmus – Broadcasting", "Ronnie – Rogue Daughter" We just got acquainted here.

In addition to them, there is also a two-level mummith-tole house (Tuva Yanon) and the house of the old man Petson and Kitten Findus (Sven Nurdquist). For young children here, of course, the mass of all sorts of pleasures. You can go to all small rooms, touch the little utensils or tools, evaluate the mess in the room at Carlson or in the Emil’s workshop, sit on a motorcycle or in an airplane, play with wooden cubes and others.

Another question is that the multi-age collision is everywhere and everywhere.

While children, flying on each other, try to break through the entertainment put on them, adults organize a long and slowly moving queue somewhere. As it turned out when we defended in it for about an hour (ask where we were standing, it was uncomfortable :(), her goal was just mentioned already, a fabulous train. Since we haven’t heard anything before that, I didn’t hear about him, the impressions received from this "Trips", were unexpected and therefore completely unexpected and joyful.

The queue will keep up into a small room – railway station Vimmerby.

And ahead is very slowly moving open trailers with benches. This is a kind of funicular, the ferris wheel. You are politely asked from which country, they arrived, include a built-in microphone, from which comments are quiet in our, the comments of those commercial paintings by which we are already moving. (It is impossible to photograph!)

And under your feet we have miniature apple orchards and blue rivers, tiny houses, boys and girls, people, streets. Then we enter into someone’s house, some kind of boy sleeps on the shelf in the kitchen cabinet and t.D. Especially shocked me (well, as a child!) Roofs of the night Stockholm, over which we have spared in the dark and small light-light in the carlson house near the pipe. And another contrast – in one of the fairy tales, some hero decreases and sees a huge mouse, so everything is uniquely done that seeing Mashatyn, sitting in a giant tea cup, absolutely really feel with the marigold :).

Honestly, I do not know – who was more impressed by the lively fairy tales – we are adults or a child. But I definitely notice – I have not experienced such a purely childhood joy. Just shocked with a flying train.

* Free Tip :): If you want to get a Maximum pleasure and qualitatively "Flove in childhood", Before visiting, you need to read the fabulous stories of Astrid Lindgren. I, unfortunately, except Carlson, did not read more other fairy tales Astrid Lindgren. And here everything is built on recognition.

Further – not the end – you get into a huge game room, where parents can come to themselves and sit, running children to some huge house – this is a villa "Hen", which lives pepping long stocking. Children tormented this house overha. There everything can be touched, take. It is here that girls dress a fiery red wig with two thick pigtails. It is a pity that he is one. Here is a huge horse – a friend of Peppi, to which everyone also want to climb. You can roll on the pipe. In general, things mass.

Yurgorden Island / Djurgarden

Yurgorden Island / Djurgarden.

Do not be afraid of words – island. In this case, this is not lost somewhere island in the sea (:)), and the central island part of Stockholm, which can be reached either on foot from Gamla Mill (

30 minutes.), or on the tram (

10 min.), or on a walking boat (

10 min., Pier under the Slussen bridge, there are uniform transport cards, the first stop on the island of Schppsholmen / SkeppSholmen, the second – Djurgarden / Yurgenden).

Yurgortden Island – Concentration of urban attractions: Museum of the North, Great Entertainment Park Lund / GR&# 246; Na Lund or "Green Grove", Ethno-Museum Open Sky Skansen / Skansen, Wasa / Vasa Sunny Vehicle Museum, Aquarium / Aquaria Museum, and, of course, the famous Children’s Museum of Astridlingren Heroes "Unibaken".

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