Sights of Spain: Personal Experience

Before traveling to Barcelona at the end of June 2014, I tried to buy tickets via the Internet with Sagrada the name and houses Mila and Balo, nothing happened, I don’t know why. We lived enough away from Barcelona, ​​so the queue problem was relevant, but there was nothing to do, the entrance tickets had to be bought in place.

1. The longest queue was in Sagrada Family, came at 16:30, received a ticket at 5:00 pm. Inspection finished at 19:00.

2. Balo’s house came about at 15:00, the queue consisted of 10 people maximum, not more than 10 minutes.

3. In the house of Mila at 18:00 there was no queue at all, in terms of walking on the roofs time is the most convenient since it is not so hot. By the way the house of Mila outside is closed by a grid for repair and in a hurry you can not find it.

PS. Before the trip, I read on the Internet that the queues almost one hour and more, so I tried to buy on-line.

La Molina

Catania zone is called Alps 2500 in honor of a number of the lying town and the highest point of the zone – Peak La Tosa height 2535 m. The zone consists of two parts – La Molina and a cauldron around two small ski towns. Both parts are connected to each other, you can buy ski passes or the entire Alps zone 2500, or separately for La Molina and oils. In total, Alps 2500 – 135 kilometers of the tracks and 34 lifts at altitudes 1600 – 2500 m (for comparison – in the Grandial, 210 km of tracks, 64 lifts and about the same heights – 1700 – 2640 m). In the zone of La Molina – 52 routes (63 km), in oils – 62 tracks and 72 km. The longest route – 9 km. Approximately half a kilometer (52%) – Blue tracks, 35% – red and 13% – black. In general, approximately the same diversity as in Andorra, but with a smaller kilometer.

Prices on ski passes are about the same as in Grandial. One-day ski pass on the entire Alps zone 2500 costs 44 euros in high season and 41 – low. La Molina or Case separately – 41 and 39 euros in high / low season, respectively. Longer ski passes – with the appropriate progressive discount. We first took the 3-day pass for 117 euros on both zones, then rolled in Andorra two days, and then – 4-day pass for 140 euros.

The tracks generally prepared good – in the morning every day is recruited. But in Andorra, as it seemed to me, the quality of the tracks better. All days stood sunny weather, the air temperature on the mountain was from +2 to +8. In the morning, in the footsteps of the night frost, the tracks were good and rigid, after 12 everything gradually risked, especially the dropouts at the beginning of the lifts. But it was possible to find more or less normal descents. In Andorra, for the same weather and the same height, for some reason, there were no rascal tracks.

Of the 64 lifts in the Alps 2500 only one gondolate with 6-seater cabins. The remaining – 4- or 6-seater chains and a small number of bohegels.

Two more noticeable features compared to Andorra. First, a large number of sports trails (both for slalom and giant), especially on weekends. Almost all of them were closed to the public, but sometimes they managed to like on the highway. Secondly, they constantly met the rides with disabilities (in Andorra did not see one). Central gates at the entrances to all Chair lifts – special wide opening wickets for disabled.

Instructors on the grief quite a lot. In La Molina, the main lift has a large number of lockers for ski storage. Seen a couple of rentals and small equipment stores.

Excursions in Barcelona

Everyone want to see everything and for a short time. Because everything is not suiced in this city, clearly tuned to a civilized extinguishing of money from its guests. And it is necessary to quickly inspect everything and even faster from here so far the money has not yet completely over. And the temptation is how much! And on the Blue Tramway you need to ride (6 €), and to look at the aquarium (19 €), and on the Montuica climb (the cable car Plus a funicular) and to the temple of the heart of Christ on Mount Tibidabo, of course. And, making sure that Jesus, standing at the highest point of the city, spreading his hands widely, hugs all his children, be sure to go to Montserrat Monastery. And do not have time to unbutton. But what to do – subscribed to tourism – pay. And pay. You will not scream, since I arrived.

Very well organized in Barcelona excursion service. Thanks for these to the fathers of the city and the good local entrepreneurs. Two-storey tourist buses with an open top run on several ring routes with a minimum time interval and allow, spending a small money, go around the whole city in a couple of days. At the same time you can go out at any stop, inspect the local attractions and go further. And in the ears during the trip, the voice of a guide in your native language sounds. And, since the movement along the city streets is quite dense, tourist buses move on their routes very leisurely, so you can have a lot to see a lot even in the process. And, if I don’t want to go to the end of the route, we jump from one of the stations of the metro, you dive under the ground and very soon you turn out where you think necessary.

Beaches Barcelona

Autumn Madrid

Free visit to Prado

Free entry from Monday to Saturday from 18 to 20, and on Sundays and holidays from 17 to 19. And all day November 19 and May 18. Save 14 Euro.

Come better about 20 minutes before the start of the free entrance (if the road has every minute spent in the museum, of course!). There is a queue, but it is not necessary to be afraid: as soon as they begin to let it, it is absorbed very quickly.

Algara Cactus Garden

We drove up to only 1km and saw the Algarian Cactus Garden. Rose a little higher in search of free parking, found a cozy place. And at that moment began to stick rain. Came to the checkout, there – an elderly man, he also trades in the store. In the store souvenirs and products from local pride – fruit "Nispero" (Musmula). Login -4E. This uncle immediately gave us a children’s umbrella with Mickey Mouse, and we went to the garden.

At the entrance laid the name of the garden. Ceramics can be bought.

Imagine idyll – the rain is not strong, we are the only visitors in the Great Garden, among cacti sometimes there are figures of dinosaurs, pterodactles and t.NS., On the path from the speakers, quiet relaxing music is distributed, sometimes pop, but calm.

At the beginning of the garden – Wolters with parrots, ceramics are sold nearby, on the right – under the shelter, cactus for sale in pots, from tiny cactis, to half a meter in diameter. And parrots are twitter.

From the opposite slope, published, it looked like a regiment of hedgehogs running from the mountain 🙂

Bowl Santo C&# 225; LIZ in the Cathedral of Valencia

In the chapel of the main cathedral Cathedral, the agate bowl of Santo Cáliz, called the Holy Grailer. According to the legend, this is the most cup, of which Christ knocked on the secret evening.

Extraked from the Garlary bowl gets the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. In some versions, even close contemplation of the magic subject gives immortality, as well as various goods in the form of food, drinking and t. NS.

In the 19th century, several cities immediately announced that they possess a grailer. Of course, these are all speculations supported to attract tourists.

In addition to this relic, you can see a lot of interesting works of art in the cathedral, including striking Renaissance frescoes and paintings by the artists of the early Renaissance.

Epoch Reserve "Clean" canary style

The famous structure in La Orotava and the main attraction of the city – Casa de Los Balcones ("House balconies") On San Francisco Street Along Total Second Floors of this Building Building 1632, carved balconies from the Canary Pine.

Here is a small museum, part of which is the courtyard of the house, which reigns the atmosphere of the long-lasting era "Clean" canary style.

Inside Cas de Los, the balcones can be purchased local items: embroidery and lace, national clothes, miniature balconies and other typical Canary souvenirs.

On the contrary, across the road, there is an even more old house – Casa del Tourist, built in 1509. Here, in addition to souvenir products of local artisans, paintings from volcanic sand are presented to review the public, which can usually be seen only in Easter days. And with the terraces along the house there is an excellent view of the Valley of Orotava.

About the beach in Tossa de Mar

Where to regain the Spanish champagne

And where to taste the local champagne in the Barcelona area (which the Spaniards call Cava)?

Forty minutes for wonderful pay roads and you come to San Sadurney. There is a museum and a family plant that produces one of the famous sparkling Freixenet (Freasheet).

Beach in Castro Urdiales: solid disappointment

How to get from Malaga to Mosque Meskita in Cordobe

In the biopark of Valencia with their drinks and food can not

You can not carry your meals and drinks here. Watching this very strictly – at the entrance We were forced to show the contents of the backpacks and leave them in the storage chamber. So in vain we poked with sandwiches. Even the water was not allowed to carry! Want to drink – please lay out 3 euros for a 1.5 liter bottle. In general, I think this is a pig.

If you plan to spend most of the day in a biopark (and it is definitely worth it), then you need to keep in mind that one price of the ticket can not be held here. And she, by the way, is rather big – 23.80 per adult and 18 per child.

Inverted House Kathmandu (Mallorca)

Majorca beaches: ambiguous opinion

Beaches, with the exception of wild, "improvised", Everywhere sandy, however, often quite gentle (which, however, is good for relaxing with young children). The driver is usually pretty clean, transparent, different shades, which in most cases please the eye. We, however, with the beach was not very lucky: Quite often there was all the garbage, possibly discharged from various yachts standing nearby. Still happened to the shore navigated waters of algae, not adding charm. But it was possible to find it, perhaps the best compromise in the plan of half the weather: and small children at the entrance to the sea will feel comfortable, and adults do not have to go far to stop feeling under the legs. There is a floating plastic pontoon with a springboard, from where you can sink.

A little darkens the experience of the beaches: cabins for dressing there are no class. We have not seen them there on any beach! But in Crete they are. Yes, that there is Crete – even in some stinking scoop of the 80s, they were on many Moscow beaches (and Moscow – by no means a resort city)! The nearest sortier from the place where we bathe was located, was located in 500 meters, and he was paid (0.5). Interestingly, many are fighting to do this way before the sorter to play a small need, instead of doing it right in the sea? Rhetorical question. Souls (from the word shower, not a soul) on "ours" The beach was located 150 meters from each other. Well, finally, the bar next to the beach is also rare.

As for sun beds and umbrellas, they are paid on the beaches. Lyzhik costs 4 – 4.5 euros, umbrella as much. And since it is surrendered by all the sets of two beds and one umbrella, post the day from 12 to 13.5. But a whole day to lie on the beach, we are swaying, though? Rather, one or two days it is still possible, but then the longing will begin, which will become all the greener and greener every day. So it is better to take a mat (1.2) and an umbrella (8.5). Then this business can be sold at a discount.

There are turns in Madrid museums

Salvador Museum Dali in Figueres

We decided to rent a car and drive to the Salvador Museum Dali in Figueres. It turned out that the Catalan land is rich in other interesting variety of places.

Maestro Scale Museum Dali. The museum building is very unusual form stand out from afar. Typical surrealism. Here as if everything is in such a style. Dali gave the will of his fantasy: the theater was rebuilt into a typical absurd church of surrealism. Since then, the theater Museum as a magnet attracts crowds of visitors.

Very interesting paintings with illusion. One song is dedicated to a small room. It is in the middle of a sofa in the form of lips, a table in the form of a nose and two pictures. Raise the stairs, look through the lens and you see a female image. Busy.

Machine Salvador Dali. They say he did not love her, therefore he turned into such a strange composition.

Salvador himself was given here and buried, in his crypt, where the crowds of tourists.

Cave El Soplao (Spain) – work time

Beaches of Ibiza Island

Ibiza is an emerald sea, cliffs, cliffs, coves, lighthouses and white beaches, pine groves, palm trees, indentation, violent bougainvillery and giant aloe. On the bright turquoise of the sea, dark spots can be noticed, it is Posheidonia – Reserved Algae, thanks to which Ibiza is considered the most environmentally friendly destination in Europe. Poseidonia practically disinfects water like a huge filter and enriches it with oxygen. Ibiza’s edge is intricately cut, several dozen bays, bays and wild beaches, there are a lot of related nudist towns.

Beach landscape – almost Maldives, idyll, classic combination of snow-white sand and turquoise sea. In the morning, touching the ankles while the cold foaming small surf, walking along the edge of the beach, and then settled down with a sultan scope in one of the wide Balyneza with the Baldakhin, sunbathed the whole day under the chickens of the children and leisurely music from the bar.

In the evening, many love traditionally gather in bars on the shore and admire how two elements are merged – fire and water – a huge sun first under pink, then the fiery-orange paints are slowly immersed in a falling asleep. The spectacle is indescribable beautiful and pacifying.

In Montserrat from Barcelona on the train

FGC station is underground. A lot of outputs, find the entrance to us in the FGC network icon.

How to buy a ticket and get to Montserrat:

  1. Touch the screen, choose the language (for example, English).
  2. Choose a combined ticket (Combinat Monserrat Butllet Adult Tren + Cremallera, that is, electric train + "toothed train", It goes to the mountain rails, where the third rail is gear).
  3. Quantity (for example, 1), the cost is highlighted – 8.75 EUR. Also, tickets sell near the machines, and the package is offered at once: on the railway and on the funicular.

There are two different stops: Montserrat Aeri (from there to the monastery there is a cable car) and Monistrol de Montserrat (from there walks "Kremera", "toothed train"). Everyone recommended to go to the second. Next to the machine is a minister if a ticket to "gear" The train is not purchased, you can buy here, but be sure to contact near the machine.

Electric train walks 1 time per hour. Looking at the pointers, you will see how your R5 goes from. In the carriage on the board they write the name of the next stop, do not sink your. First there will be Montserrat Aeri. Get out at the next station, Monistrol de Montserrat. From the same station, a little further along the train – "Kremera". The schedule is adjusted to the schedule of your arrived train, you will not have to wait.

Sit down to the left. On the right will be visible in the main mountain, on which you will rise, and on the left there will be a view from the mountain.

Arrived at Montserrat station. Information Bureau, in front of the entrance – a large mailbox in the form of a head of a lion. In the information you can find out how much the choir of boys. It seems at 12:00, but it is better to clarify, plus to get a map of the sights of Mount Montserrat.

Sights of Spain Personal Experience

Now on the funicular. Two funicular. One is called "Santa Kava" And goes down. Another, "San Juan", Raises up.

I rolled only upstairs, the types are beautiful, but walks along the tracks long.

On the way back, we bought 2 tickets to the descent on Aeri and 2 tickets to the train to Barcelona. The cableway will lead you to the Montserrat Aeri station (if you did not bought a ticket at the train immediately, you can do it at the station), or rather, not to the station itself, and next to the platform you need to go through a small tunnel. On the head carriage ahead will be written "Barcelona".

Well, then everything is simple: by train to Barcelona. At the exit through the turnstile, a purchased ticket for the train will be required. We lost them, but the minister released us without a fine.

Mammoth Museum in Barcelona

Beach for children in the area of ​​Benidorm

The surroundings of Salou and La Pineda

Rest in Lloret de Mar at the Mercedes

Last summer traveled on the Costa Brava to the city of Lloret de Mar. I liked it very much! True, the weather was not lucky – the sun was not enough and the sea did not have time to warm up. But this is not scary, because almost all days went to different excursions – very interesting and exciting.

The town itself is very good! You can buy any souvenir as you wanted, which is very convenient, because in major cities the shops are not always open. A lot of cafes, restaurants, a lot of bars. But S "Sea Food" Stress – in the city only 3 restaurants that offer customers seafood in a more or less complete assortment.

Hotel "Mercedes", in which I lived very good! There is almost everything in the room: shower gel, shampoo, soap, 3 gravy, hairdryer. True, to enjoy air conditioning, you need to take a rental console – 5 euros at a time. Safe at the daily fee – about 1.5 euros per day plus a lock from the safe in a deposit – 10 euros. Fed very well, though the choice is not very wide, but for 3 * the hotel is even too good. In general, I highly recommend!

Visiting the Madrid’s Museums

Museums, as you know, cost money. Especially European. The Spaniards supported the Italians in a noble beginner of constructing from tourists for their cultural values ​​more than more, and the only passage for the tourist – Madrid Card, which makes it possible for a fixed value of this magic ticket to visit a number of museums for free, and a row with a big discount. True, we did not take this ticket – therefore, let me quote Waclav:

"The only thing that could be done in TourFesie was to purchase "Madrid Card", but we told us where it can be bought. One of these places was on Felipe IV Street, right behind Neptune’s fountain, which decorates Canovas Del Castillo.

Together with the 24-hour passage to the world of history and culture of Madrid, we had a few more treasures: first, a booklet with information about various events, holidays and festivals of the current month, secondly, a detailed map of the city, and third, two chubby The books containing the characteristics and descriptions of all the goods acquired, including a long list of different shops and cafes, where we had discounts. Since we arrived on the Iberian Peninsula not for the sake of junk, we were more interested in the section Museums, who had 42 pieces of those such, in addition to the legions of the palaces, monasteries, cathedrals – and everywhere you had no need to pay. Terms of use, prices and all other information is on the website www.Madridcard.COM / EN / Inicio.ASPX, Well, the usefulness of the acquisition of the card everyone can calculate independently, at least he adding to 9 euros for the Royal Palace as the area for the Escorial, and remembering the almost standard 6 coins for all other interesting places".

True, in the Spanish-Italian ocean, charity islands come across the spanish ocean, for how else to name the fact that on Sundays entrance to Prado (opening hours 9-14) and on weekdays in Museo del Santa Cruz in Toledo. And see there it is very even what! And if you are also the winner of a proud title "Citizen of the country of the European Union", koim today are the residents of the Baltic States, then on Wednesdays after lunch, a number of museums are also free.

Major Mudrid Museums

Museum Prado / Museo Del Prado

Opening hours, Weekends, Prices and schedule of temporary exhibitions http: //

Underground: "Banco de Espana" and "Atocha"

Museum of Tissren-Bornemis / Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

Opening hours, Weekends, Prices and schedule of temporary exhibitions http: // WWW.Museothyssen.ORG / THYSSEN / HOME.HTML

Address: Paseo Del Prado, 8

Underground: "Banco de Espana"

National Museum "Queen Sofia Art Center" / Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia

Opening hours, Weekends, Prices and schedule of temporary exhibitions http: // WWW.Museoreinasofia.ES / PORTADA / PORTADA.php

Santa Isabel, 52

Royal Palace (Palacio Real)

Opening hours, Weekends, Prices and schedule of temporary exhibitions http: // WWW.Patrimonionacional.ES /

Escorial town in the vicinity of Madrid

View is unequivocally. Impressive outside and inside. Strip up to 17.00. Backpacks should be handed over to the storage chamber on bail in 1 denyuzhka (drops back when you open it).

It is necessary to go from the Atoche station (on the subway station to Atocha Renfe, then you will get straight to the station). Tickets are sold in automata and in the Casse-Island in the middle of the hall, cost 2.75 one way. Trains go, roughly speaking, once an hour (in a quarter of each hour), travel time is an hour. From the station you need to stall about 20 minutes on the road up to "Object" (Monasterio). Stood in line for 45 minutes. If you turn the back of the back and go through the street of meters 10, on the right side there will be an information desk for tourists, where in good English will explain to you, how, from where, if you wish, you can get to the valley of the fallen (memorial complex, erected by Franco), and will give a map of the town. We have not come to the valley of the fallen, there are three hours in the Escorial, although it seemed that he had a gallop: a lot of interesting. But then with great pleasure we walked around the village, where a little bit of two quarters were busy with scenes "from life" Jewish village of biblical times reproduced in full growth. (In general, Christmas hinders are built with a big fantasy and everywhere – in the parks, squares, and, by itself, churches, this we did not even see in Rome.)

Mudrid museums

Prado works up to 20.00, closed (like almost everything) on ​​Monday. On weekdays from 18 allowed free, on Sunday free entrance from 17 to 18, but a crowd for a kilometer. We went on Friday night, went without problems.

In the Museum of the Queen Sofia, where the art of the twentieth century, also got free, but did not understand why: it was Sunday, and there was a long queue in the cashier (paid money), but we entered the temporary exposures (new part, all of the glass and iron), and completely by chance (there is there – "Museum" Cafe, where we warmed wonderful chocolate), and we solemnly handed free tickets, and without a hint of a queue. And inside immediately – the pointer towards the constant exposition. The mystery of this is great is. It is worth it or not to watch Dali, Miro and Picasso – advise I do not take.

About some sights of Madrid

Puerta del Sol, Plasa Major, Royal Palace and surroundings, Cathedral.Francis – famous things. I also recommend to stroll along the Grand VIA (amazing beauty of the street) to Spanish Square, where the monument to Cervantes (he, however, was surrounded by the trading pavilion, it should be on the occasion of the holidays, but it was possible to see it possible), but also the square itself is also very Good.

Prado and Casteliano boulevards are very interesting (one goes into another) with two large fountains and palace buildings.

Another beautiful street – Carrera de San Jeronimo (Between Puerta del Sol and Prado Boulevard), on it, in particular, is the building of Cortes, and in front of the painter – the Great House of the Insurance Company GROUPAMA SEGUROS, where every day at 18 o’clock on Round The corner balcony beat the clock with figures that are acting something like a quotylon.

Did not meet expectations and built in 1929. Arena for Corrida – Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas (subway "Ventas"): In itself, the structure is kinda, and around some kind of backyard. Since the winter is not held in the winter, then look, essentially, nothing.

But two inclined towers on Plaza de Castilla see. And the area is super-modern and interesting.

I liked Buen Retiro Park – beautiful landings, beautiful palaces and colonnade, geese swans on the pond and t.D.

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