Sights of Somalia

The monuments of ancient civilizations are scattered throughout the country, from the ancient Egyptian and Phoenician, to the Coptic temples and settlements of the ancient Punta, mentioned still on Phoenician signs. Somalia As the state was known in the days of ancient Egypt – at that time this region was called "Punt". Since II to the VII century, the territory of Somalia belonged to Ethiopian Kingdom Aksum. In the VII century, Arabs arrived in the region and organized Sultanate Adel, existed until the XVI century. However, due to the incessant civil war, all monuments of the past epochs stay in the launch and are practically not available for visits. Many hundreds of kilometers of beautiful stony and sandy beaches framing the coast "African horns", as often refer to this land, but all of them are also almost impossible to use.

The main attractions available to tourists are concentrated in the capital – Mogadishu, founded by the Arab colonists in approximately XII in.: Museum in Garese Palace, built in the XIX century Sultan Zanzibara, mosque XIII century and many picturesque buildings of the characteristic Afro-Arabic architecture, with patterned walls and shady inner courtyards, many of which, unfortunately, are dilapidated or in a terrifying condition. In the past, the country was famous for its natural reserves and reserves.

Sights of Somalia

The main thing that attracted these places in the animal world, is simply an incredible fitness of flora and fauna to the rigid natural and climatic features of the region. Somalia’s vegetation is pretty scarce – the grassland, spiny shrubs and acacia, in the mountainous areas, are everywhere there are plants from which precious natural resins are produced – Mirra and Ladan. In the south of the country, Eucalyptus prevails, Red Tree and Mokha. And here in such poor conditions, visitors met quite a lot of wild animals: crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, leopards and lions, zebras and many hoofs, a large number of snakes.

Sights of Somalia

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