Sights of Solovetsky Islands

Solovetsky Archipelago – By itself, landmark, amazing natural monument and at the same time a monument to many generations of conquerors of the our North.

In our small list, we placed only the most, in our opinion, interesting places worthy of tourists’ attention.

Solovetsky monastery, His full name Zosimo-Savvatievsky Savior Transfiguration Monastery. It occupies an extensive territory on the largest island of the archipelago – Bolshoi Solovetsky, separate buildings – on Islands Anzer, Large Muksalma, Big Zayaksky. Founded in the XV century, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage announced.

Solovetskaya Fortress – fortification system of stone walls and towers surrounding the Savior Transfiguration Monastery. Built in the XVI century.

Solovetsky labyrinths – Spiral images made on Earth from embankments or currency stones in the form of peculiar pedestrian "puzzles". Their guide is no doubt, although there are disputes on the purpose and attributed maze of magical properties. Most labyrinths, thirteen, is located on the island of Big Zayatsky.

Monastery Skits – Economic buildings in which monks harvested products. In some sheets, due to their unique design, perishable products could be stored in the summer. There are almost all inhabited archipelago islands.

Negotiation stone – Memory about the events of the Crimean War. In 1854, there were negotiations of representatives of the Solovetsky Monastery and the command of the English squadron. The British presented the monks of the ultimatum about the delivery, the monks did not give way, and after the unsuccessful two-day bombing of the squader moved away from the Big Solovetsky Island.

Sights of Solovetsky Islands

Von Damba connects two islands – Solovetsky and Muksalma. From the middle of the XIX century, used as a bridge through the Strait of the Iron Gate.

Filippovsky Sadki – are located in the Solovetsky Island and are named so in honor of the Ihuman Philip. With it in the XVI century, one of the bays was artificially separated by the dam by the sea from the sea and turned into a unique storage of live fish.

Oil-Channel System Solovetsky Monastery connecting the Holy Lake with 52 other reservoirs is shipping. In addition to shipping, the purpose of creating a system in the XVI century was to maintain the level of water in the Saint Lake with the help of special mechanisms.

Especially should be said about Botanical Garden in Solovki, not having analogues in the world. In the Solovetsky Islands, although they are near the polar circle, there is no eternal free. This circumstance allowed Archimandrite Makaria in 1822. Small garden here, in which the monks managed to grow trees and shrubs, never grow in northern latitudes: apple trees, cherry, acacia and even roses. The collection of plants was actively replenished and in the gloomy for Solovkov, the period of the 1920-1930s, when there was a concentration camp here.

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