Sightseeing of Slovakia: Personal Experience

Skating – the cost of skit-pass increases every year. In addition, in high season (New Year holidays) the cost is higher than before and after it. But, what a pleasure to ride on January 1 on a completely empty track! In 2013-2014, adult prices are as follows: 1 day – 30 euros, 2 days – 59, 3 – 87, 5 days – 135 (high season prices). For children cheaper.

As I said, ski pass for smelows costs cheaper. So for beginners it is most profitable to ride just here. Next to the tracks full of ski schools. The cost of individual classes of 25-30 euros, in the group cheaper. Few instructors owns our, but you can understand in Slovak.

Equipment hire – as elsewhere, it is profitable to take a few days in a row. The average cost is 11-15 euros per day (longer, the cheaper). It is best to find hire a little away from the tracks. In meters 200-300 from the lift Prices for the kit "Ski plus shoes" below for 1-2 euros per day.

Accommodation – the most diverse. From 15 euros per person per day in private houses up to 200 in five star hotels. Unlike Poland, rent a house fully on the company is more difficult. Their choice is not very large, and in the midst of the season is almost impossible to find loose places – so book in advance. You can find a hotel on Bucking, and you can search for local sites. In the photo below – a small hotel in which we stayed.

Ski resort Smokovtsy

Total three of them – old, new and mountain smelock. In essence, these are three different towns that felt in one. My family and I lived in a new figure 300 meters from the track. In general, the figs seemed to me the perfect place of residence in high tatras for several reasons.

First, they are located in the middle between two other cities (Tatransk Slaughter and Shtrbish Pleso), and from here it was possible to get enough to them. Secondly, it is from here that the straight road is running down to Poprad – another city, located at the foot of the Tatra. Last slightly more settlements in the mountains. In Poprad, we traveled shopping and in the water park. Thirdly, the tracks in Smokovets are just for such as we, that is, beginners.

By the way, here you can buy ski-pass, which is valid only in molders, but it is much cheaper than that can be used on all high tatras highways. In addition to the highway for all beginners (Yakubkov Luka) with a length of 1000 m with two bougiel lifts, starting directly from the new smelter, there are two more for more experienced skiers – Saylechok I (2800 m, a height difference – 255 m) and heights II (the most difficult of three , Length – 530 m, Delta Heights-178 m). You can get to them on the funicular from the old figure, on which even Elizabeth II went in 2008.

Ski holiday in clear

Clear: do not risk to go to the new year

In clear near the mountain is very expensive. You can take rooms with breakfast and dinner (I highly recommend). Well, plus – next to thermal sources. Even around the tracks themselves there are very interesting Deman caves – be sure to go, and the troting farms are also a gorgeous place. There is still an aquapark not far – Tatralandia – I did not get, and my husband says – one of the best in Eastern Europe.

Sights of Slovakia Personal Experience

The resort itself is good, but do not risk to go to the new year – it may be bad with snow and not all the tracks are open, and since the riding zone is not so big – can be elementary no place to ride. Well, we need to watch the weather in the morning – if the wind, look at the site which lifts are open and if most are closed – calmly go to the same caves or in the water park.

Mountain skiing in Slovakia

The advantage of Slovakia ski resorts before Poland – the people are smaller. Much less road workload. Few people can surpass Poles in terms of road restrictions. From the border to Krakow 250 km in 6 hours and standard time. I think Slovakia is still cheaper than Poland. From Kyiv in Zakopane (Poland) and Poprad (Slovakia) Dip time may be the same. + In Slovakia there are thermal sources.

http: // www.Visitslovakia.COM / PRIRODA-I-TURIZM / Excellent resource for all questions about Slovakia.

In the area of ​​Yasna Poprad-Shkrebsko Pleso, all the villages are completely the same if the lifts in clear – there you can live, taking into account the price / quality. You can settle 10 km away and for the same money get the best conditions. The whole area – within a radius of 20 km one removable accommodation. Take a walk in the evening – too, everywhere equally, t. E. Especially now, ordinary resort villages in the mountains – central street, bars / kolybits.

Slovakia – primarily nature, caves!, Locks in a radius of accommodation. You can go hiking in Slovak Paradise! And buy in Slovakia a tijune for autobahns too – do not forget (at refueling).

Sights of Slovakia Personal Experience

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