Sights of Serbia: Personal Experience

Calm, peaceful place is located very close to the town of Pechs in Kosovo. Serbian Orthodox Pechish Patriarchate Monastery, founded in the 13th century, is the island of calm and silence. Kormo Forse is guarded – this is international forces under the guidance of NATO, responsible for ensuring stability in Kosovo. The territory of Kosovo is divided into five sectors – American, French, British, German and Italian. So, the monastery in the furnace is under the protection of Italians. Under guard – it says loudly, just sitting a military man in a booth at the entrance and gives a pass.

And the places around are beautiful, it is yes. We arrived for hours to ten in the morning, and the Italian as a post said that the monastery was open from 11.00, so you need a watch still take a walk.

When we again arrived at the monastery, Mr. Military took our passports and began talking with someone on the phone. As it turned out later, he called one very old woman, apparently, the province of the monastery or managing, in general, the person is very significant and responsible. After some time, this woman gave a good to visit the territory of the monastery group of Poles. She constantly walked for us on the heels and told something. Special attention was paid to photographing inside the main temple. Photographing, said it is impossible. Well, it is impossible, it means that it is impossible – the church of the ancient, icons, frescoes, burials of the leaders of the Serbian Church. Understand, in principle, you can.

Sights of Serbia Personal Experience

It turned out the curve photo of the Church of the Holy Apostles – I do not feel confident when someone goes on the heels. At that moment we explained to us that in the temple there is a baptism rite and cannot be found.

And the territory of the monastery is wonderful – pure, beautiful, cozy. Compared to external Kosovo chaos (traffic on the roads, garbage mountains). Nearby there is a huge apple garden. In the monastery and live livestock for their own needs, the bows grazed nearby.

Sights of Serbia Personal Experience

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