Day 8: Sights of Samsun and Turkish Venice

We travel a little more than a week, and only by the end of the first week began to come to come aware that he is a vacation. You have already rested 7 days, and a few more weeks of rest and you can not rush anywhere. You can slow down the pace, stop in some place at least for a couple of days, and not pass on the day hundreds of kilometers. Therefore, today we plan a rather modest program: stroll along the Samsuna (look into a couple of places and ride on the cable car), and then slowly go to Amassia. We have very big plans for it: the our part of tourists will reach this city extremely rare, but judging by the photographs of foreign travelers, Turkish Venice can quite compete with photogenic capadocya. Let’s see if she justifies our hopes.

Samsun in one day

Rain began on the street – apparently, it came from Riza and Trabzon. But even this weather for some reason does not contribute to long sleep, and already at 8 am we at breakfast.

Breakfast at the Grand Amisos Hotel in Samsuna

By 9 am, the rain went very much, I don’t want to go out, and even more so to go to something to look outdoors (we have exactly the places today). We decide to wait an hour and a half until museums open to replace a street walk to a visit to the museum. How cool that we always have not only a plan b to any city, and also in, and g, and even. Sometimes it seems that if we depend somewhere for a week, then we will not have time to bypass all the places that they have noted themselves.

While parents choose the museum, Maxim records and sketches his vacation impressions

About an hour later, the rain went on wage, and the lumen appeared on the horizon. Decided not to change plans and go to the ship-museum of Bandanm, if it is raining, then put on the raincoats, in vain, whether we take them every time we take.

Maxim is ready to watch the museum even in pouring rain

The history of the Bandanm Ship begins 4500 kilometers from Samsun in Scotland, where it was built in 1878. For the first 16 years he walked under British, and then under the Greek flag, and only in 1894 he became part of the Turkish fleet. He received popularity in 1919, when Mustafa Kemal Attatürk arrived on his board in Samsun, it was the fallout of the future president in Samsuna became the beginning of the Turkish revolution.

Ship-Museum of Bandarma in Samsuna

In 1924, the ship was written off, and after another year passed on the layer. On this, the history of the ship, it would seem, ended, but in 2000-2001, due to the high historical importance of the vessel, the Samsun’s authority decided to build an exact copy of Bandarma. In 2003, the Turkish Revolution Museum of History opened in the ship.

Museum of the Turkish Revolution in Samsun

Turkish tourists hang in former cabins for a long time, studying the stands and considering old photos. Tourists from other countries inspect the exposition rather superficially, for them the Turkish revolution – something long ago and incomprehensible, with great pleasure they are photographed with steering wheel or near the boat. We do not believe that someone from these categories of tourists are not right, just always when choosing the sights worth considering her features.

The Museum of Bandanm is a list of the most popular seats in Samsun, mandatory for visiting. In fact, this is a copy of the legendary ship with a small exposure, as a result – disappointment and angry reviews, what to do there. On an adult part of our tourist group, the ship did not make a special impression, but the child was delighted.

Small exposure of military equipment in front of the Bandarm Museum

The next item of our program is the zoo. In Samsun, he is quite small, but in Turkey, in general, there are quite few of them, it’s not Poland, where In every city on the zoo, and sometimes not even one. Since on our route is the only park of animals, we decided to look into it, since it was near. Interest added and the fact that in the our-speaking Internet we almost did not find any reviews, English, too, a meager for comments.

Large cats in the Samsun Zoo

Samsun Zoo, opened in 2005, the largest zoo of the Black Sea coast of Turkey. In the zoo about 200 animals 45 species, plus birds. Here you can see how large wild animals and a large number of homemade, sometimes completely unexpected.

Little cats in the Samsun Zoo

We have a very strange impression: on the one hand, it’s great that it is very compact and do not have time to get tired of inspection of animals, on the other – the animals are little and we were bored. The child was at all outraged that he was showing cats and dogs in the zoo. &# 128578;

Puppies are cute, but not in the zoo and watch them

It is believed that the name of the city of Samsun comes from the Greek name AMISOS. There is a hill in the city with such a name to which a very pretty cable car leads. The next item of our program is to rise to this hill. The hill itself is rather low, but from a historical point of view is quite important for Turkey. In 2004-2005, the ancient tombs of approximately IV century were found here in the construction of approximately IV century to our era. Construction was rolled, and the hill itself acquired the status of an archaeological park.

One of the ancient tombs on the AMISOS hill (in the summer of 2018, closed on the restoration)

Climb the hill in traditional ways: on foot, by public transport or car, but you can use the cable car. This is one of the shortest and small ropes that we have ride: Length – 320 meters, only 6 cabins, Capacity 36 people At the same time, the height difference is 62 meters.

3 booths with a capacity of 6 people in each direction

Fortunately, people are a bit, so we were lucky to get without a queue

There were no tourists except for us – all locals who go to a cafe on a hill

View from the amisos hill at sea so-so

As in the case of the zoo and the ship, the cable car and the hill did not impress us. We decide that with the sights of Samsun on this trip already enough, it’s time to go further. About 14.00 put forward towards the city of Amasya.

From Samsun to Amassia

From Samsun to Amassia about 140 kilometers or a little more than two hours. On the way, we booked Amasya Helkıs Konağı Hotel (about $ 40 per three with breakfast, if in the summer season, then the price is higher than twice). The hotel turned out to be very cute and homely, excellent location, the availability of parking makes the hotel perfect for auto-travelers. Of the minuses, is that a fairly simple breakfast, but this problem is most Turkish hotels that do not belong to the category "All Inclusive".

Our room in Amasya Helkıs Konağı

When departing from Samsun, we decided not to spend time in search of a cafe, and dine on the way, but the path was the deserted – not a single institution that would attract our attention. Therefore, when we arrived at 16.00 in Amassia, turned out to be hungry like Turkish cats. So acquaintance with Turkish Venice began not from sights, but from lunch. We chose a cafe without a signboard for the local, where Shawarma were fine (he was also gyros) and backing up, went for a walk around the city.

Amasia – Turkish Venice

Amasia fascinated us at once: puppet houses along the promenade, the fortress on the rock, tombs, which in their beauty are not inferior to the burials in Fethiye, but tourists are somewhat less. The city is very small, but so many interesting places fit in it.

Channel and Quarter Quarter with Ottoman-style houses

Ottoman tourist makes selfie against the background

And we make Selfie with him

One of the most famous sights of Amaassia is the tombs of the Pontic Kings in the rock. We go there first of all, but it’s difficult to walk to the goal. The city is so photogenic that go through his streets and not to make 100,500 photos are very difficult.

Go to the tombs of the Pontic Kings

But in the sunset sun city is so beautiful that it is very difficult to stop photographing

It remains a mystery why the Instrugram Travelers from Russia bypass His Party

To the tombs we climb 20 minutes before closing. It is clear that we will not have time to go around, but we don’t want to leave tomorrow, I don’t want to rise here under the screaming sun – the pleasure of little. Therefore, we decide to see at least the part that we have time, and others admire. Moreover, from the side they are much more effectively than near.

Tombs of the Pontic Kings in Amasa

Total in the vicinity of the city there is about 20 pontium rocky burials, but tourists most often attend five, which are located on the rock in the very center of the city. It is believed that two tombs on the left belong to the kings of Mithridate III and Farnaca I (we visited them), and three right – Mithridate I, Mithridate II and Arobarzan.

Sights of Samsun and Turkish Venice

Mithridate I burial, Mithridate II and Arobarzan in Amalia

We will definitely tell in a separate article about the constructive differences of these rock tombs from the famous burials in the city of the world in Likia and their stories, and in the report we suggest just admire them.

Presumably tomb Farnaca I, but it is not known for certain

Tombs in the cliffs

The path to the funeral cameras is no less interesting than the burial themselves

Graves of the Pontic Kings

I must say that the tomb opens simply amazing views of the city, from which it is difficult to tear off. We did not meet a more photogenic city in Turkey, even Cappadocia, in our opinion, loses Amalian in this matter.

View of the city from the height of the Pontic Tomb

To make selfie against the background of the city lines the line

After the rapid inspection of the tombs, we went to the Museum of Heirs, who is located in one of the Ottoman mansions on the bank of the canal. It is worth noting that the building is not original, and restored in 2007 with respect for all features of Ottoman architecture. Inside the museum you can see wax copies of the former rulers of Amaassia, as well as the Sultans that grew up in these places, and then manage the Ottoman Empire. This museum in our-speaking guidebooks (those few, which mention Amasse) is most often called the museum of wax figures.

Heirs at the Museum of Amasia

While we slowly walked around the museum on the street with a dark and turned on the backlight. For us, an evening city opened, which was no worse than daylight.

Evening illumination of Amasia

Widow walking around the streets of the central part of the city, about 8 pm, we went to the hotel. The fact is that we have noticed opposite the hotels in the children’s playground and decided to take a walk with Max not only on museums and fortresses (although he is not against), but also give him the opportunity to ride a swing and slides.

Resting on the street

Max very quickly found a common language with Turkish girls and began to play with them in hide and catching. While the children sissing and shouted, in neighboring houses, people began to be preparing for dinner – many teapot went to the street and began to prepare tea on firewood.

Tea is preparing on the street

Girls called dinner, and Max continued to have fun on the court one. A few minutes after the departure of new friends home on the street there was a colorful Turk, who brought us tea. From the English words, he knew only "FREE", and despite all our attempts to deny, just left the tray on the bench and left.

Delicious Turkish hour from local residents

Tea turned out to be very tasty, and the locals are very friendly, but almost not speaking in English. Amasia conquered us from the first minutes and did not disappoint during the first walk. Tomorrow we are planning to visit a couple of museums and climb the fortress if it is open. Mondays quite a lot of attractions closed (so in many countries).

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

We know for sure that the Archaeological Museum works, and with the rest as lucky. We would like to stay here for another night, but unfortunately, in the hotel all booked and there are no free rooms, and I did not want to look for another hotel, so tomorrow we have a new move, this time in Ankara – the capital of Turkey. There we will stay for a couple of days to pass away from everyday location shift.

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