Siberian voyage

So here on the evening on November 23, I got to train No. 38 Moscow – Tomsk, the train is clean, cozy and calm. On the day of departure in Perm lil rain. On the evening of the next day I had to run from 14 cars in 2. Going to the second car I was horrified, so he "Kuzbass", In the car, everything is gray, dirty, the people in the car was very noisy and drunk. I found my place and villages. It turned out that all the neighbors were driving from Perm, and it was demobel. They said that the last night they did not sleep here, very much pleased that they would soon be at home. The conductor in the car was Caucasian, and was very observed when at 22-00 he went to vacuuming carpets 🙂 In addition to the demobels on the bottom side of Lena, he was driving from Moscow to Kemerovo to parents. She told that she was already driving one day with this conductor, and he already tried to meet her. Soon after Omsk there was a joyful stop – the city of Barabinsk. Barabinsk know all who at least once was in Siberia, he is known for his fish. We went out to be purchased by fish and beer and started dinner. Taste of this fish Understand. Help weighing 700-800 grams cost 100 rubles, I also sold Omul and pancakes from caviar, everything is very tasty. Then we began to fit. And Lena went to meet the conductor, see drunk beer with fish worked. And at night I woke up from Lena’s screams, the bed linen disappeared from her. We threw off who so that she lay down to sleep. In the morning, early we arrived in Kemerovo, but early in Moscow 4-39, and in Kemerovo it was already 8-39. When all the linen was lingerie, one of the demobs, driving over Lena, passing linen gives the conductor untouched bed linen with the words that "Not useful!", here Lena boiled, as it was not useful. In general, it got to the demobel))))))

In Kemerovo, I met a long-time friend Alyona. And we drove around the city. Immediately I will say the city is amazing, much was interesting for me. For example, they had already winter, snow lay.
Very beautiful embankment River Tom, and on the other side of the mountain (former mine) And on the mountain as in Golituda, the inscription – Kuzbass. Just without comment.

Then we went to the bar, and there I was treated with a salad of fern, it was just amazing. But it turned out in the spring they harvest it, dried and sued.

Then we continued a trip around the city. The city is very clean and interesting.
I remember very much: a monument to Shakhtar with a burning heart (at night very beautiful), the bridge over Tom (the widest bridge in Siberia is 104 m wide), Kuzbass observation deck, Victory Park.

In this park, a funny case happened to me. November 25, the snow is already lying in Kemerovo, I remembered that we rain, and here already run on skis. I decided to take a picture of one skier, her reaction was very aggressive, to which Alenka standing for me said that I came from Perm, and we do not have snow 🙂 I think the girl revised his knowledge of geography, now for her Perm is the southern city although the latitude of Perm north of Kemerovo.
In the evening I was leaving from this wonderful city, train number 951 Kemerovo – Kislovodsk. Of course the number of the train was very frightened (post-luggage). But the train waged was normal, although I had a car number 13, and the whole wagons in the composition of 3. And so we moved, I looked at the schedule, everything was true, I arrived in the morning in Novosibirsk in the morning. But there was a surprise ahead when I saw the parking lot on the Tsancia of the furnace of 310 minutes, I thought a typo, and not, indeed, after 40 minutes of following the following stations, as it turned out to be waiting for the composition from Novokuznetsk. In the morning he fell and we already rushed in the direction of Novosibirsk. From this parking night I was a discomfort when I wanted on human necessity, but it was impossible, since the sanitary zone – station.

Well, in the morning we arrived in the capital of Siberia, Svetlana met me here. The first thing was done, it is a photo session on the station Square, Novosibirsk Station is made in the form of a locomotive rush to the east.
Then we went to the city, the light said that we were going on the bus 1179, I asked that at 11 or 79. Light corrected me that we are not going at 1179, really the numbering of routes in Novosibirsk four-digit. That’s what the city of scientists means!!

Siberian voyage

In Novosibirsk, also lay the snow, there was a light frost and walking around the clean city was very nice.
I remember in the city: the subway, the bridge over the river Ob, although the embankment as in Perm is not very equipped, the Red Avenue, the zero versta, the chapel of Nicholas the Wonderworker, which citizens call the center of Russia.
In the evening I went to Omsk. The train was Beloenglish Irkutsk – Minsk. In this train, I first tried the Belarusian beer "Lidskoye" In plastic bottles of 0.75 l. In the morning I was already in Omsk.

Omsk as it turned out on the background of Kemerovo and Novosibka city very boring. Sightseeing not many. Embankment Irtysh is very cool, there is a large renovated temple. Central Street is a red way, all shopping centers and attractions are concentrated here.

Main Attors: Music Theater, Plumbing Stepan. In the city there is a lot of Kolchak, the most expensive restaurant is called "Kolchak".

The morning of the next day I left home by train number 79 Krasnoyarsk – Moscow. Before leaving, the train station attacked gypsies.

Siberian voyage

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