Siberian glorious hail Tobolsk

Say, B Tobolsk We must ride in winter. Summer here is also good: mushrooms – berries, fishing on Handsome Irtyshe. But White Kremlin, Before indecent resembling Walt Disney logo (although it appeared for several centuries before), fabulously good in the winter sun.
In any case, regardless of the time of year, the tourist needs to be prepared for the most unexpected facts about the city. For example, Tobolsk &# 8211; One of the most frequently visited by the Presidents of Russia. And here in 1834 World famous chemist Dmitriy Mendeleev. Surprisingly, but in Tobolsk there is no promenade for impudent walks. Irtysh here is infective, primitive and stern. Well, for a snack: there is a monument in the city Robinson Crusoe and Friday. The fact is that Daniel Defo in 1719 released a new book, where his literary hero who loved the reader traveled in Siberia and walked in Tobolsk.

White top

There is in Tobolsk Upper and lower city, or, as they speak in the people, Mountain and Podgor. Tourists will settle at the top, here are the main Historical buildings, museums and Tobolsky Kremlin with Red Square. Hence the city began in XVII century, From here you need to start acquaintance with him and now.

The only one Stone Kremlin Behind the Urals built on the project of the self-taught architect Seeds Remezov on the edge XVII-XVIII centuries. Yes not just the Kremlin and what! Walls and towers of the Kremlin, and in particular Seating Dvor, Remind a fabulous castle. Tobolsk was at the crossroads of trade routes. Here came caravans from Central Asia, China, Afghanistan, India. Trade in the living room is conducted and now, although not such a brisk, as in times Peter. Here openly Several souvenir shops and spectal workshop, Where, if you’re lucky, you can participate in the master class and yourself weaving the spectacular thread.

Proverb "From Sumy yes from prison" In Tobolsk acquires a special meaning. Right across the road from the living room is the entrance to Prison castle. This is the most severe and heavy part of the city museum, but it must be visited by every our man. Power prison based in 1855, Long decade was a kind of "City-forming enterprise" Tobolsk &# 8211; and before the revolution, and especially after it.

The walls of the castle were submitted by many famous people, among whom &# 8211; Writers Nikolai Chernyshevsky and Vladimir Korolenko. There is a monument in the city Dostoevsky. In Samoa mid XIX century The writer was able to spend 12 days in a local forward prison, where he was visited by the female Decembrists and managed to convey to him Gospel with hidden in binding 10 rubles. The Tobolsk Prison regime was heard by one of the most heavier in the country and before the revolution, and after it. During the years of Stalin’s repression in the castle dungeons was shot 2500 people.
So stood a prison on the main &# 8211; Red! &# 8211; Square Tobolsk. Left, a hundred meters, &# 8211; Kremlin, Mute hint of authorities for the non-defense of the paths; on right &# 8211; theological Seminary. BUT B 1989 there is a prison prison. Prisoners transferred to other regions, part of the premises turned into Museum. Cameras, Cartsers, Meeting Rooms with relatives &# 8211; Everything here is shown as it was thirty years ago. Thanks to the museum, some urban legends opened. They rummed that the wines of the prison went two meters into the ground, and the hulls are connected by underground strokes. It turned out that all this is true.

Two hundred steps down

From the upper city in the bottom leads Direct guest &# 8211; Pedestrian descent, which is exactly under the beautiful building Rentery, located between two hills. She was specifically shot so that it was not available for attacks. Previously, the treasures of the state treasury were kept in rentery. Now there is also a treasure sovereign &# 8211; Tobolsk Museum-Reserve Museum.

Podgan &# 8211; This is a classic our Posad. Powerful stone Kremlin With the main temples on the mountain and a huge residential city in a lowland &# 8211; Once it looked like Pskov, Smolensk or Kazan. Today Tobolsk &# 8211; almost the only city in Russia, which preserved such a look. Yes, and the way of life remained in many ways the same, because the most important thing &# 8211; There, upstairs. And below &# 8211; Frozen life. After the elegant-parade upper Tobolsk, see the abandoned, the collapsed buildings are unusual, annoyed and hurt. On each second ruin hanging a rusty plate, mocking reporting that Praise architectural monuments is prosecuted by law&# 8230;

Siberian glorious hail Tobolsk

However, little to the lower city is restored. Not so long ago renovated Church of Zechariah and Elizabeth, The famous and beautiful monument to Siberian Baroque. In Podgor opened Nikolai II Family Museum in the Gubernatorial House &# 8211; the one where the last our emperor lived since August 1917. In April 1918. In the exposition of the museum &# 8211; Unique things related to the period of finding here royal family: Furniture, rare porcelain, napkins with vensels, silver appliances, furniture and icons.

And at the bottom of the city there is Catholic church. He was built before the revolution for reference Polyakov and Lithuanians, which in Tobolsk were quite a lot. Catholic services We are held and now on holidays and Sundays.

If you look from above, with Kremlin’s observation deck, the end and the edge of the subguard is not visible even in clear weather. The endless building of the chaotic private sector stretches for several kilometers &# 8211; before Merge Places Irtysh with Tobol.

Holy place

If you arrived in Tobolsk more than a couple of days, go to the village Abalak a few kilometers from the city. There are buses from the bus station, you can leave for a taxi. Unusual name for our hearing Abalak Comes on behalf of one of Tatar princes, who lived here long before the arrival of the ours.
Go here for two reasons. Believers seek to get into Abalak male monastery, The first churches of which were laid in late XVII century. And the rest attracts Tourist complex Not far from the holy monastery built in style Siberian Ostrog Times Ermak. There are I Voivodskaya Chambers, and Tavern, and Wooden Town for kids. If you wish, you can stay in the center for the night or return the same day back to Tobolsk, look at creation Seeds Remezov When lighting the night lamps and go around again Tobolsky Kremlin around.

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