Siberian city Tyumen

Tyumen is considered First our city, Created in Siberia. It is located on the River Tura, which is the influx of Tobol. The final version, as the name of the city appeared, there is still no. Someone says that they considered subjects and the word "tuning" OzStart 10000. According to another version, the name happened from Tatar words.

"TU" &# 8211; Testament, "Ball" &# 8211; I am. As a result – "My heritage". The third version is associated with the name of Tatar Khan.

Parks, Tyumen Square

Parks and Squares in this city lots of. Each has its own beauty, everyone attracts in its own way. Consider some of them.

Alexandrovsky Park

The park got his name, having historical roots. In 1838, there was a garden that was named In honor of the heir to the throne of Alexander II. Modern elements of the garden architecture are made of white marble, which gives the garden atmosphere of the XIX century. All over the park are located Cast iron sculptures, Very beautiful gazebos, in the center – Fountain.

Park named after Yu.A. Gagarin

In Tyumen, there is a birch of grove, which is named after the famous our cosmonaut. Gagarin never visited Tyumen, but residents of the city decided to elect it Honorary citizen of the city. Need to mention that By order of the star town In the Tyumen Industrial University, the production of training equipment for cosmonaut training was established.

Colored Boulevard

Pedestrian Boulevard, located in the city center, wears Name color. The name of the boulevard speaks for itself! Bright and colorful boulevard. On it is located the Tyumen State Circus, many attractions. This is one of Main places in city, selected by its inhabitants and guests for walking. Colored boulevard decorated with a fountain with illuminated and sculpture of a girl called "Tenderness". On the boulevard you can meet Figures Pencil, Oleg Popova and Yuri Nikulina. Here it is one of the favorite places for Tyumanets photo shoots and city guests.

Siberian city Tyumen

Siberian cats Square

The whole quarter of the city of Tyumen occupies Siberian Cat Square. Dozen cast iron golden fluffy settled here. During the Great Patriotic War, Siberian cats helped a blockade Leningrad to get rid of rats.

This is only a small number of those parks, squares and alleys that are in this city.

Bridge of Lovers and Embankment

The most amazing and favorite place of Tyumens and tourists is the promenade of Tyumen. Every year she becomes well-kept, more interesting and better! A feature of the embankment is a pedestrian bridge over the river Tura, which is called "Bridge of Lovers". Here, newlyweds spend their first photo shoots, fix the castle on the perillah of the bridge. In the evening bridge highlighted by multicolored fires. On the embankment itself you can see various figures of different noble people, even Peter I. Here is going to talented young people, which sings and dances in the evenings and holidays, spend fiery shows and various concert programs.

Siberian city Tyumen

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