Shibenik Town Hall

City Hall Sibenika – The harmonious building in the Spirit of Renaissance, which is located on the north side of the Central Square of the Republic directly opposite the Cathedral of St. Jacob. This is an outstanding object of civil construction Middle Ages and one of the most significant cultural monuments.

Related Architecture of the Lower Floor Building – The entrance is open here with 9 arched openings, there are 10 powerful columns decorated with lion heads, and two beautiful stairs are on the sides of the Town Hall. Also the building decorate magnificent balustrades and balconies with a carved ornament. Initially, the City Town Hall looked somewhat differently, but during the years of World War II, it suffered greatly and was subjected to capital reconstruction.

Sibenka Town Hall Sightseeing Sibenik Tour Profit Guide

It is known that the Town Hall was built in the first half of the XVI century, however, the name of the architect turned out to be lost. The building was intended for a meeting of the city council and the work of the city administration. Until now, there is a bell next to the town hall, whose bells were collected by the nobility to the meeting.

To date, the Town Hall continues to be the administrative center of the city: civil marriages consist here and official events are held. Part of the premises was given under the restaurant with the same name "City Hall".

Sibenka Town Hall Sightseeing Sibenik Tour Profit Guide

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