Sibenik Often name «Old man», After all, the city has more than 1000 years. All the best that may be at the resort, Sibenik successfully adopted from the fellow. It is difficult to resist the charm of local nature, because the hospitable city is located immediately on the sea coast, the lake and the river. Harmony reigns here, privacy and calm – everything you need for rest.

Often, vacationers say that Shibenk is a living ethnographic open-air museum. Incrediblely narrow streets, intertwining among themselves, form quarters with old mansions, villas, verandas, churches and cathedrals.

The resort in the full sense of this word city can not despite the location on the Adriatic Sea. Croatian history cradle is more suitable for cognitive tourism. From the central point of Sibenka, the beaches are removed a few kilometers. The coastal strip is quite wide, spacious, covered with shallow pebbles, which makes the descent to sea comfortable.

There is a lot of resting on the territory of the city from neighboring European countries, as well as not enough of our compatriots. It is not surprising, because the sun here shines most of the days a year.

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What is interesting to see in Sibenik?

Top attractions Sibenika

Fortress of St. Nicholas

Fortress of St. John

Shibenik Town Hall

City Museum Sibenika

Sibenik: excursions and events

Sibenik is known not only as a resort for beach entertainment, but also as a center of Croatian history, because it has existed for more than 1000 years.

The excursion sightseeing tour necessarily includes a visit to the oldest temple on local land – the Church of St. Jacob, dating back to the 15th century. Go to an independent walk on one of the hills where the magnificent building of the fortress, named after the Holy Anna. Here is the Franciscan monastery, which stores the walls of a rich collection of books published in the Middle Ages. In general, antique buildings fascinate. They stand on narrow urban streets, considering themselves the full owners of our century. From the city hall is allowed to examine the city, which is visible from here as a palm. From the height of the chibenik looks light, sunny cities, because most of the houses are faced with a white stone from a brother. By the way, this material is known to the whole world and is used to decorate the famous structures.

In the tourist route, include the KRK National Park located nearby, where unique plants and animal representatives are collected. In summer, if lucky. Will be visited at the chanson festival. And in the fall in the city there are fairs and exhibitions.

History of Sibenika

Climate in Sibenika

Sibenik, Croatia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Sibenika Turniprome Travel Guide

Sibenik is famous for the resort due to its wide beaches, a soft Mediterranean climate, a variety of flora and fauna. Most of the days a year over the chibane shines the sun (300 days).

Traditionally, for a beach holiday in a hot city is better to go in the summer months. Thanks to the high mountains, which delay the fat clouds, the rains are very small here, and the climate is characterized by aridness. In winter, the thermometer column is rarely lowered below 5-10 degrees. So, amateurs of coolness will be able to quietly travel around the neighborhoods in finding interesting attractions. It is worth noting that even in January the water is pretty warm and comfortable with a temperature of 5 degrees.

Sibenik: Entertainment and Active Rest

What to do in the most ancient city of Croatia? Of course, go to inspect the main attractions. Please infinite walks in the narrow streets of the city, enjoy unique architectural monuments, the heritage of the ancient Romans. In the interruptions between excursions, it is worth getting small snacks in local taverns, where the cooks are canceled by the national cuisine using seasonal ingredients.

Be sure to take care of the embankment – a find for a tourist. Many shopping, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants are located throughout the line of the Promenade. Guaranteed you will spend here not one hour. If it is tired of walking on the historical district of Sibenik, go to the beaches. Entrance to the sea is flat, which makes them suitable for young children. Coastal strip. Unlike the rest of the mainland of Croatia, snapped with small pebbles, you can move comfort and without shoes.

The presence of unique mountains allows you to go to the very top. It is thorough to prepare, because the path is not near. Take rent a bike, pass to inspect the surroundings, rent a sports equipment, dive under the water and study the sea world.

Transport features of Sibenika

The oldest city of Adriatic is located in the central part of the coast, in the place where the River Krk falls into the sea. Therefore, water vehicles are very popular. To nearby islands and fishing villages, steam or yacht goes.

With other cities of Croatia, Sibenik is associated with a bus service. It is worth saying that the bus is the most popular type of transport. In the near airport, located in Split, you can rent a car or a scooter. It is worth considering that many tracks in Croatia paid. Locals and tourists can also be happy to use taxi services.

Sibenik, Croatia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Sibenika Turniprome Travel Guide

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