Siam Park

For amateurs of acute sensations in 2008, the largest park of water rides in Europe was opened – Siam Park (Siam Park). Creator of the water park, crystof kitesling, long «hanged» The idea of ​​the subject of the park, traveled by many countries of Asia, collecting models of the most exciting and amazing attractions. As a result, it was decided to make Siam Park in Thai style.

On the territory of 18.5 hectares focused the most interesting and amazing attractions. Special attention deserves a hill Tower of Power, 28 meters high. During descent, extremals fall into a glass tunnel passing through aquarium with marine fish. The spectacle is just amazing, however, few people can consider all the beauty of the underwater world due to very high speed.

Another, no less interesting slide – The Dragon. Over a huge funnel inclined the stunned dragon, when the crisp from a large pipe fall into a funnel, then the mythical animal meets their roar. Of course, adrenaline is less than on the previous slide, but the impressions will be enough.

Loving Slide Visitors – Mekong Rapids. The name of the attraction received in honor of the most important river Peninsula Siam. During the swim, guests of the water park fall into the tropical corner of Thailand, then the current carries to the Palace of the elephants, from where it puts into the caves and tunnels on rapid speed, getting into open areas, gives you the opportunity to see beautiful park scenery.

Siam Park Landmarks Costa-Adehe Travel Guide

All the tired of the adrenaline’s overaffect can relax in the relax area, where artificial water bodies with snow-white sand are concentrated.

Siam park unique and unique. But, unfortunately, the water park is more suitable for adults, the kids here will be uninteresting.

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