Siam Legend Park in Pattaya

In the south of Pattaya, the thematic park of the Legend of Siam, telling about Thailand in the past and present. Walking around the streets, you will get acquainted with the traditions and culture of local residents. In the park will be interesting and adults, and children. Actors arrange submission daily, sell different goods in the shops, and if hungry, you can sit in a cafe or restaurant.

The park was opened in February 2019 in the territory of 10 thousand square meters. The gate to the legend of Siam is decorated with two statues of Yakov-giants and look like entrance to the temple of Wat Phra Keu in Bangkok. Park is divided into three thematic zones: Siam village, Araha Tai and Bhumi Pan Dean.

Village Siam

From the left side of the entrance you can rent a Thai suit and take pictures in it against the background of wooden houses, mythical statues and gold temples. Two photowons are located at the box office. Thais often arrange professional photo shoots in traditional outfits.

Siam village talks about the history of the ancient state. Two-storey houses of local residents of Siamese villages are built in the style of ancient Ayuttay. On the main square you will be met by the statue of God Indra sitting on the elephant Eravan. There are shops, restaurants and different entertainment on the streets.

In addition to renting a Thai costume, there is a massage salon. Prices start from 300 baht per hour. Daily at 18:00 Siamese village passes a solemn procession of elephants, reflecting the ancient Thai ceremony, and show. Before the presentation, you can feed the good-natured giants for 20 baht and take pictures with them.

In the village of Siam village there is an attraction "Black magic". This is a mirror labyrinth with elements of Thai mysticism and legends. In my opinion, he will only be interested in children. Soon there must be another SIAM VILIZE Thai Machine. He will move you at the time of Ayutthei and will tell the history of the Great Period in the history of Thailand.

Araha Tai

The thematic zone of Araha Tai talks about the religious traditions and beliefs of ancient Siam. You will get acquainted with the legends, see copies of the ancient temples and deities that local residents of the Kingdom are still worshiped.

All Thailand is divided into four regions: north, northeast, central part and south. They are very distinguished by traditions, life and even tongue. The traditional market includes goods and products of all 77 provinces of Thailand. You will see souvenirs and local food of each of the kingdoms. Some things are not sold in Pattaya. The variety of souvenirs goes far beyond the usual refrigerator magnets. Here they sell wicker bags, coconut lamps, PCU masks, Khon, clothes and shoes of the mountain peoples of the North of Thailand, paintings on the velvet, from buffalo skin and much more.

The market is located along the reservoir and on Earth. Successful frames for a photo shoot: on the bridge, with umbrellas of the North of Thailand, in the interiors of the ancient hairdresser or Thai house. In the evenings in the restaurant passes dinner in the style of a buffet with a presentation. Here you can try typical of each region of Thailand.

The main part of the zone of Araha Tai occupies entertainment and temple fair. In Thailand there is a tradition to arrange markets in temples in honor of the holidays. In addition to food and goods, the undoubted attribute will have entertainment for children. So on the Temple Fair of the Legend of Siam, the Ferris Wheel, Carousel and Attraction Viking. Riding on them already included in the price of some tickets. For 25 baht, you can take a bottle and feed multicolored carps in the pool. And nowhere on the Temple Fair without a tire on balloons, where you can win a soft toy.

For an additional fee, you can visit the Ghost House ME. According to Thai legend, the girl of the NAC (MES), being on demolitions, conducted her narrowed poppy on the war. Births passed unsuccessfully: Mother and Child died. When the poppy returned home, he was met with a baby in his arms. The man was so happy to see his family that he did not notice any suspicious. Strange things begin later, and poppy understands that NAC and their son ghosts. This famous story talks about love and marital devotion. In Bangkok on the channel of Pihra Khanong, there is a sanctuary dedicated to ME NAC, and every day hundreds of people come to pray. In my opinion, for adults, the house of horrors will be quite small, even though actors are very trying.

In the zone of Araha Tai, you can become part of two entertainment – Songkran holidays and Loi Kratong. There is no certain time for them. It is better to clarify in advance when buying a ticket. Entertainment Songkran and Loi Kratong are popular for Chinese tourist groups. However, you can also send a boat with a lit candle and an aromatic wand.

Siam Legend Theme Pattaya Park - Description, Route, Thai Guide

Bhumi Pan Dean

Zone Bhumi Pan Dean reflects the roots of Thai traditions and agriculture, developed in the country at the king frame IX. Green rice fields with laid comfortable movements, stylized farmers huts, the statue of the Queen Nagu and the buffalo, which you can feed. A little later in this zone will open the spectacular formulation of battle with special effects and cascade.

Siama’s Legend Park can be moved on foot, which is quite tedious, on an individual Tuk-Tuka, a train or a boat. The cost of the usual entrance ticket includes unlimited drivers on the train, and some comprehensive tickets are not included. Additional cost 70 baht. I recommend immediately by arrival ride a circle to see the scale of the park. The train goes every half an hour or a large group set.

No need to compare the legend of Siam with Tropical Park Nong Nuch. Formats are absolutely different. Their common features – many photo-spot photos and traditional shows. In the legend of Siam completely different entertainment. It is better to come to the park about 4 pm, in order not to hurry to get around it and see the evening performances.

How to get to the legend of Siam?

You can reach the park on your transport, taxi and sonGTEO, which are walking on succums for 20 baht. Entrance to the legend of Siam is 800 meters from the highway. Nearby Waterpark Cartoon Unwatch Amazon.

Opening hours: every day from 10:00 to 20:00.
Address: 139 Moo 8 Sukhumvit Road, Na Chom Thian, Pattaya
Coordinates: 12.778479, 100.921216
The price of entrance tickets in the park: 500 baht for adults, 400 baht for children with rising 90-140 cm, kids below 90 cm – free. Tickets purchased in the park include a train, carousel, ferris wheel, an attraction Viking. On the Club site, see Discount tickets and comprehensive flights with entertainment. On an online booking, it is enough to show a voucher on the phone and exchange for a ticket at the checkout.

Siam Legend Theme Pattaya Park - Description, Route, Thai Guide

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