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2 Jun, 2008
Already 200 days, like me in Siam. Wow. You know, I always wanted to go to some Asian country. China, Thailand, Vietnam. But I never thought that I will stay in one of them so for a long time. To understand what this country is not enough and these 200 days. And I think for the remaining 400 days I also hardly understand this country to the end. It is impossible for a normal person to get used to the food preferences of Thai. Fruits with pepper? As you can. Ostive food, generous with sugar. Why? Do not know. Honestly. Yes, and hardly know someday. Cockroaches and locust for snack to beer. This is generally my stomach and brain refuse to perceive. As you can eat what kept on the garbage? With everything, at the same time, the look at our wobble causes such grimaces on their faces that it becomes scary. And if I tried – the hero. And now the Moment of the moment this hero is juits in the bath, rinse the mouth, and then he tells everything, what these ours are strange, eat such a nastiness. Well, of course, it is not delicious you, crispy cockroach. Rain season. Oh how much they talk about it. Thailand is not India. Pattaya is not island. Rain happens. Once a month if lucky. And he lasts from the strength to the maximum hour. Everything. 5-10 minutes after the rain, everything dries already and nothing about him reminds more. Summer here is so good.

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The weather is the same as in winter. Sun, light coastal breeze. the beauty. The desire to teach Thai as it did not come and is clearly not going to come. I can not say why, apparently all the same in our understanding Thai thai Language looks like separate sounds that children in junior class each other tease. Thais at work constantly demand to follow some rules, but they themselves do not pay attention. The season passed, the new did not begin. Everyone has some kind of sleepy state constantly. By the way, they noticed here: in the country where Katoi is normal, and prostitution is also in principle not punished almost, there is no SEX shops anywhere. This is weird. Apparently the rubber doll successfully replaced with a lively secret or thai. Cheaper and more pleasant. Still a living person. Strange people)))) strange country))) but millions of smiles do not dry in the country siam to this day.

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