Siain Atoll (Seenu Atoll)

Siain Atoll (Seenu Atoll), also known as Addu atoll (addu atoll) – It is the most southernmost atoll of the Maldives and is located 480 km south of Male, next to the equator (south of him). Population – more than 28,000 people (2010).

23 islands (including somewhat large) are in Atoll Siane, of which only 6 are inhabited.

Hitada Islands (Maradhoo), Maradhoo, Maradhoo Fadhoo, Fadhoo (Feydhoo) and Gan (GAN) are interconnected by dumps for about 14 km, for which you can travel by bike.

Island Hitada (about 3.6 kV. km) – the largest island of the archipelago, as well as the most densely populated in the country after Male.

Siain Atoll (Seenu Atoll)

Gan Island (about 2.3 kV. km) – the second is the island, here is the eponymous international airport. Earlier, the British military base was located on its base and was built by the airport.

Gan International Airport International Airport / Gan – A small airport on the island of Gan. In addition to regular flights from Male, he also receives charter flights from Asia and Europe.

Direct flights from Russia to Gan Airport. Maldivian airline flies here, travel time for 1 hour 30 minutes, flight cost

Siain Atoll (Seenu Atoll)

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