Shumak – Mineral Sources in Buryatia

There is one wonderful place in Buryatia, which is certainly not deprived of tourists. It is called this place Shumak, and it is famous for its unique mineral sources.

Shumaki sources are located in Eastern Sayanov, at an altitude of 1558 m. Mineralization of sources is small, but nevertheless, the local water is very famous. It was even singled out into a special type of water, which was called "Shumaksky".

Sources exit 3 lines different from water temperature, length and degree of mineralization.

Many are going on Shumak not so much by water as in order to admire local beauties.

And these groups here will meet a lot. Shumak path not close. Below I will tell you how you can get there.

Tourists to choose from 3 types of routes: Hiking, horse. Or by air, helicopter.

Here, by the way, the next group settles. They flew, most likely, from Irkutsk. Flight time – about an hour. From May to September Flights are performed every week, on Fridays. Fly in winter, but rarely. Usually as a group is going to.

See the red roofs? I suppose it is a turbase for 40 seats, built back in 2006.

Shumak - Mineral Sources in Buryatia

Around – Stunning Nature. By the way, in favor of the fact that the place is popular, there is a huge number of pictures in RuNet =))

The second route – through the Sumaksky pass (2760 m) the length of it – 50 km. Relatively light transition that lasts 2-3 days. Naturally, there will be 2-3 spending on the night. If you go this route to horses, the road will take about a day.

Voddy not from the smoothie, but from the well)).

What kind of stuffed me, alas, I don’t know. You have assumptions?)))

I forgot to say more about one route. It starts from the Arch of Pass and goes straight to the whale river. Then the travelers go along the right bank of the river until he meets with the Schumak River. And along this river – straight to the source. This is the longest route. But bright impressions of life are provided!

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