Shub Tour with Inside

Almost every travel agency working with Greece calls this summer in "Shub tours". Advertising Sttold promises of free rest just for what you buy "high-quality, inexpensive coat"! Moving this time a vacation with a purchase, I seduced for advertising.

Most proposals begins with words – "Everyone knows that in Greece, you can buy a high-quality fur product by 40% cheaper-", Next, the catalog of the magnificent fur coats will be present at the exhibition. In addition, travel agencies are stuffed that hotel accommodation from 3 to 5 days will be free, free will be free. And, of course, it sounds a ritual song about the beauty of Halkida and wonderful excursions. I went into one of the travel agencies, signed a contract in which undertook to buy a fur coat is not cheaper than 900 euros, and went in flight. Despite promises touted on the site revealed many pitfalls.

We arrived in Thessaloniki, there were settled in the hotel and the next morning we were taken to Kastoria. On "an exhibition", vaguely reminiscent of the clothing market, the choice was really wide, but what I wanted – a white mink, just below the knee, with kapyushonchikom, at an affordable price – there was no way I was looking for. Guide said that we must decide within three days. And for the next three days turned into torture, "guide" loomed as creditors, including "counter".

the first catch. You carry only the small factories that are listed in the program. In other sellers you will not be able to buy a fur coat. Otherwise – a penalty of $ 300. Of all the factories to which we were taken, only 2-3 were noteworthy. In the rest of the product was substandard. Such furs, no self-respecting salon Moscow would not offer. At the site it appears that the average price of more or less decent fashionable coat is around 2800-3200 euros. Myth appeared and promises, if salespeople love a bargain and they can be "break" 20-30 percent. The price is usually possible to bring down only 50-150 Euro.

Trick number two. The agency promises that the cost will not exceed 20 euros per day, but if you do not choose a hotel of five stars. We lived in "Pollini Beach". Grim attendants of Albanians who do not know English. Sour yogurt dishes nedomytaya. When several consecutive days in the morning were fed eggs, and in the evening – omelette. Hurt by such a holiday can not comfort any beauty Greece.

catch the third. At the tourist office I told that generous pay Greek furriers flights – so they are interested in customers. It turned out that the fare has already been included in the coveted coat.

Shub Tour with Inside

Yeah, about some of the fur can be said that they are cheaper than forty per cent, than in Moscow. But if you have the quality of such coats, the price of which will suit not only consists of "free" recreation, meals, flights? Yes, and 20 percent commission to guide?

Discover other pitfalls. Somehow Customs calculates in advance "fur-tourists". My friend flying with another group, spoke about the attempts of customs officers found the slightest pretext for extortion. Its certificate of export of currency meticulously studied, looked under a microscope photograph in the passport, to find fault with a mole. "We know in which round you visited – smiling staff at customs. – Do not forget – $ 50 with fur". Customs officers realized that a person whose task – to return from Greece with a fur coat, it is easy to press. He is agreeable, because the vulnerable. However, my friend was able to fend off the extortion, all her papers were in perfect order.

So, if you really want to choose a quality product at an affordable price, you should not go in shub-, and in a normal tour. There, in the space between the solar bath, you can independently and for fun to do shopping.

Shub Tour with Inside

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