Shrikalahasti (Srikalahasti)

Shrikalahasti (Srikalahasti) – City in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, 36 km east of Tirupati. Population – 110 587 people (2008).

Shrikalhaha is one of the most important and ancient places in South India associated with Shiva.

The city is famous for its ancient art "Kalamkari" – Painting on cotton or silk primed by Mibalam (resin mixed with Corvish milk). Figures draw with sharp bamboo sticks, and the paint is made from cow’s manure and ground seeds of plants and colors.

Shrikalahasti (Srikalahasti)

The most important place of pilgrimage in the shrikeshi and one of the impressive temples of Shiva in India is Temple of Shrikalhastikhwara. Was built kings of the Pallava Dynasty. Like other big temples, he was built several centuries. Construction was completed in the XII century.
A huge ancient Gopar towers over the main entrance (high pyramid tower over the entrance to the South Indian Temple) height of 36 m. The temple got his name from the legend of three animals, who worshiped Shiva here: Sri (Spider), Cala (snake) and Hastie (elephant). The deity of the temple is Shiva in the image of Calahastishwara. Shivalingam, located in the temple, personifies the element of air. The lamp inside the sanctuary constantly flickers, despite the lack of air and windows in the temple. Even when the minister leaves the sanctuary, you can see the flickering of fire.

You can also visit shrikalha Temple of Manikarenika, Temple of Suryanarayana, Temple of Cannappa.

Shrikalahasti (Srikalahasti)

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