Shower for penguins

Photojournalist of Germany Hans Rudolf Uthoff visited Leningrad in 1965 and during his visit made a number of pictures that captured the northern capital. On frames you can see the daily life of the city: saleswoman with scales, passersby on the streets, couple near the Winter Palace, store interiors. In general, Utkoff has repeatedly been to the USSR and also removed in Moscow and Sochi. It is curious that the passion for photography manifested itself from Hans only in 28 years. However, he quickly made a career and opened ColorVision in 1971, which specialized in photo reports. In the process of preparing materials, UTHFF employs a total of 120 countries of the world.

And this photo project will allow you to extend the journey into the world of automatic machines with carbonated water, the trams of Putilovsky plant and food bases with the sonorous name "Lenovo". The author visited the Northern Capital in the summer of 1961.

Colourful dreams

Pets are different (what else do you read in our article). Here, for example, at the sea biologist David Shila and his daughter Lorel at home lives octopus Heidi. It belongs to the form of day octopus, which, how to easily understand the name, are most active in the daytime. Also, these clams are known for their special ability to disguise – they can change not only painting, but even skin texture! When Heidi is sleeping, she changes color – you can make sure you look at the video. Scientists believe that this may be evidence that the octopus dreams of dreaming. Previously, "My Planet" revealed all the secrets about how animals sleep.

Dream job

The summer of 1957 in Denmark was hot. Therefore, cautors in the Copenhagen Zoo had to water the penguins from the watering can, so that they were slightly cooled. Although why "had"? I have no doubt that the employee received a lot of pleasure from this work! By the way, you know that penguins do not need fresh water and can drink salted? The fact is that these animals have special glands that are filtered from the liquid salt. Read also about what ten zoos in Russia are considered the best.

Shower for penguins

I’m not with him!

A moment of milot. Admire what puzzled look this pit bull looks at the puppy! Internet users have joked that the dog suspects that she was decided to replace the baby. By the way, Pitboules traditionally surrounds the many myths. Someone says that these dogs cannot independently open the jaws during the bite, someone – that they do not feel pain and more often other breeds are biting people. In fact, all these bikes do not correspond to reality. Initially, pitbules brought to hunt and rescue searches. They are distinguished by great stubbornness and gambling, so later they began to use them in dog battles. By the way, the first in the world famous dog traveler was Pit Bull named Bad.

In memory of Gandhi

This picture captures, as during the cultural forum in Handinigar (India), thousands of Hindus keep burning oil lamps, making up a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famous politics. It is curious that the city itself was named just in honor of Gandhi. Handdigar – the capital of Gujarat. The city was built in the middle of the last century according to the Unified Plan. Now there are over 210,000 people.

Shower for penguins

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