Show your refrigerator, and I will tell who you are

Well-known fact: the contents of the handbag can say a lot about a woman. But Designer Sandra Juncker decided to go further and see how a person’s life affects content. Refrigerator.

This archive about the main object of London kitchens, Paris, Cape Town, Pretoria, Istanbul. Sandra herself talks about the product storage like this: «This is a space that people usually use more than three times a day, without even thinking about their actions».

In the process of creating a project, Sandra always sought to analyze the contents of the refrigerator: someone has a special filling system — Man Pedantic, in the refrigerator is not meat — Poor or vegetarian, products too much — does not always expect their capabilities or often takes guests.

Show your refrigerator, and I will tell who you are

Interesting were more global questions. Is there a difference or similarity in the management of farms in different countries, in people of one age, faith, culture? Are they equally choose, distributed and stored food?

Trends related to the choice of food, especially interested in the photographer. She noted that special diets are becoming increasingly popular, including bioproducts. But very often, people buy food in excess and eventually use only what is on the shelves in sight, forgetting about the rest. Thus, the image of refrigerators with their owners from simple hobbies has become the main direction in the work of Sandra.

Show your refrigerator, and I will tell who you are

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