Show Transvestites Simon and Aphrodite

Rest rest, but bread and spectacles in Thailand want. If I have already written quite a lot about bread, then the spectacle has been revealed only to a little bit. On the island of Phuket, guests are offered several ways of cultural pastime for the whole family. Today I will tell you about the show transvestites.

What is the show transvestites in Thailand?

Many mistakenly think that this show consists of unceasing and disgraces that are only suitable for adults as a sex show. Families with children always asked me about the possibility of watching these shows to children. I have a hurry to assure you, nothing shocking a child’s psyche in the show transvestites no. I myself first looked at the show of Transvestites Alcazar in Pattaya, being a minor. Your baby will not even understand that all aunt on stage was once uncle.

In Thailand, as in Asia, at all, at all times were popular theaters where men played, sometimes they had to wear women’s clothes and reincarnate. Nowadays, the presentation of transvestites has gained popularity in Russia. But truly colorful shows can be seen only in Thailand.

Show Transvestites on Phuket

On the island show several shows. Most Popular – Simon Cabaret and Aphrodite. The motley building, where the show of transvestites Simon Cabaret passes, is located on the outskirts of the famous Beach Patong, the main nightlife center. Aphrodite show is located in Phuket Town, opposite the Tesco Lotus shopping center. Representations pass three times a day in the evenings. Show Transvestites pleases guests of Phuket Island with its bright productions for more than 25 years. During this time, many programs have changed, but the most outstanding performances remained, and the troupe of artists rose in numbers up to 100 people, some of them work in the show from the opening of the theater. Here you can come in the cinema, comfortably accommodate on the VIP places. These places differ from the usual proximity to the scene and the central location.

Extravagant show lasts 70 minutes and leads viewers in delight of movements in time and space. Through the presentation, accompanied by bright costumes and amazing special effects, you are transferring from Thailand to Mysterious Egypt, incendiary Latin America, Mysterious China, Charming Japan and visit other countries and continents. You will see with your own eyes Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Wonder Girls and many other popular stars.

What view to choose?

Show Transvestites, Phuket - Aphrodite, Simon, Photo, price, reviews Guide in Phuket

No need to choose. Representations are approximately the same. Show Simon Cabaret is perfectly suitable for those who live on Cate, Camon, Kamal, or then want to visit Patong. The location of Cabaret Aphrodite will enjoy guests from the northern and southern beaches, no need to stand in traffic jams, and in addition, there is a restaurant with its own brewery, where you can enjoy a wonderful foam drink.

You will not believe your eyes, seeing charming beauties, because they were all in the past men. Your children will be delighted with a bright view, abundance of sequins and unusual costumes with feathers. After the show, you can take a picture with artists on the street. For an additional fee (150-200 baht), they will gladly be up with you. Do not miss the opportunity to see the unique show Simon Cabaret or Aphrodite on the island of Phuket and replenish the piggy bank of the impressions about Thailand!

Simon Cabaret
Address: 8 Sirirach Rd., Patong Beach, Phuket
Coordinates: 7.879259, 98.291776
Show time: In 18.00, 19.30 and 21.thirty. See tickets and book online.

Phuket Aphrodite Cabaret
Address: 99/100, Moo 1, ChalermPrakiat ROR 9 Road, Kathu, Phuket
Coordinates: 7.903414, 98.367429
Show time: in 17.00, 18.30 and 20.00. See tickets and book online.

Show Transvestites, Phuket - Aphrodite, Simon, Photo, price, reviews Guide in Phuket

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