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If in Paris there is a Moulin Rouge, then in Barcelona – Port Aventura, and Phuket is famous for his show fantasy. The creators of the popular animal park near Bangkok Safari Vold, the company fan groups on glory tried, embodying a unique cultural and entertainment complex on Phuket Island, which is recognized as the best evening entertainment for the whole family. The name Phuket Fantasea show consists of two words combinations – "fantasy" and "sea" – and means "Sea fantasy".

Where is the show fantasy?

Just 10 kilometers from the most part of Patong and the famous Bang Bang Road, on the beach of Kamala, on Square in 57 hectares Retained Park Phuket Fantasia with entertainment for children and adults, which for more than 11 years he is pleased with the island’s guests. Everyone will be done here in order to embody the atmosphere of the holiday in reality. Park includes a modern indoor theater, a comfortable air-conditioned banquet room and more than five acres of entertainment and shops.

Right before entering you, multicolored carps in the pond are celebrated, which can be fed by special balls for fish. Barely stepped on the territory of Fantasy Park, you will be surrounded by attention and care. At the slightest difficulty, the staff of the park will be happy to help you, just glue the sticker from the ticket, where your places in the restaurant are written and on the show. By the way, about the restaurant and show. They are located in the gold and stone palaces, respectively, at the end of the catch of Fantasy. Before tasteing dinner and enjoy the show, you have to see a lot of interesting things in the park itself.

What can be seen in the park?

Fantasy street is made in style based on Thai mythology, legends and folklore. Here you will see craft workshops, where paintings are cut from buffalo skin, blow out the glass figures, create orchids from soap and create paintings with elephants of wood. A variety of shops will delight you with thai silk, leather goods, decorations made of precious stones, unusual souvenirs and gifts from Fantasy Park. Do not miss the adventure in the jungle, where you can see the terrarium with reptiles, albinos and white tigers animal.

Entertainment for children and adults

In the entertainment center Similan, shooting over the balls or caught the right frog, you will definitely win a prize. And in the lair Khanuman, a lot of surprises were prepared for you, and the king monkeys himself promises a lot of pleasure and joy for everyone. The charming village of Carnival will like the smallest guests of the park, they will be able to ride the carousels while their parents will watch a colorful parade and performing artists. Those who wish to make professional photos in Thai costumes.

Dinner in Fantasy Park

Those who bought a ticket only from the show and wants to have a snack, restaurants of Thai and European cuisine, fast food, ice cream, snacks, corn and drinks are offered. On the square between the gold and stone palaces, elephants are walking, on which you can ride, take pictures and feed them. And in the pond at the entrance to the restaurant Golden Kinnari swim giant soma brought from the Mekong River.

If you purchased a ticket with a dinner on, you can immediately visit the Golden Kinnari restaurant, working with 18.00. Named in honor of the amazing creature of Kinnari – girl-birds – the restaurant is the largest in Asia and is designed for 4000 people. The carpet on the floor was created specifically for this restaurant, and it depicts a magic pool where beautiful kinnari bathes. Walls are manually painted by frescoes depicting Thai folklore.

The restaurant offers Thai and international cuisine, mainly represented meat dishes and Fish couple. The menu changes once a year depending on the season. Drinking water, tea and coffee guests offer free, other drinks for an additional fee. A separate room with seafood is opened in the restaurant, its cost is higher than the standard dinner.

Show in the Stone Palace

After dinner and walk through the park, fantasy Go to the Stone Palace, which is built based on the ancient state of Sukhothai, where in 21.00 You are waiting for a colorful show. The storyline about Prince Kamaly is based on the ancient Thai epic of Ramakyan and is shown in English and Thai, but you can not worry the dialogues in the presentation is not so much, mostly music transfers emotions and actions.

Show Phuket Fantasia - Amusement Park, Photo, Video, Description, Reviews of Phuket Guide

The setting says not only about the Prince, the plot is quite free, Thai national dances of Kinnari are intertwined here, magical illusions with an endungent elephant, an acrobatic representation of the magic apsear, pyrotechnic tricks with battle scenes, fun focuses from Siamese twins Chang and Energ and much more. Where else will you see more than 30 elephants on stage at the same time? Or real buffaloes? Those who have already to watch the film of Fantasy, remember the running straight for the scene of the chicken. Moreover, this view cannot be called Circus. It is more reminded of performances in Las Vegas, it was according to their standards and a show was delivered.

Useful advice

The hall for the presentation is quite large and designed for 3000 people. In the center of the hall closer to the scene allocated rows for golden places that can be booked in advance. Capture with you on the show with a long sleeve (especially for kids), air conditioners work properly. The representation lasts 80 minutes if you like it, you can purchase a licensed DVD disk from the menu in our. I often ask a question: from what age you can watch the show fantasy? I recommend from 5 years old and older. During the presentation there will be a lot of loud sounds, even the gun is pawn, kids can be afraid.

Rules in the Park Fantasy on Phuket

  • In the park and in the Kinari Palace, you can take pictures and shoot on the camcorder, before entering the theater, you must pass all the equipment in the storage chamber.
  • Bring your drinks and food to the park is prohibited.
  • The theater does not allow guests with drinks and food.
  • It is not allowed to endure drinks and food from the restaurant Golden Kinari.
  • It is forbidden to smoke throughout the park, outdoor sites and in air-conditioned rooms, excluding a special design for smoking before entering the Golden Kinari restaurant.
  • All guests in the park are tested for safety on weapons and other suspicious items that need to be left in the deposit cell.
  • There is no special requirement for the form of clothing, but it is forbidden to come without shirts and in a swimsuit.

Park and Show Fantasy on Phuket

Opening hours: every day, except Thursday, from 17.30 to 23.thirty.
The coordinates of the park: 7.956345, 98.286600
PHUKET FANTASEA Park Address: 99 Moo 3 Kamala, Kathu, Phuket
Ticket price: The cost of tickets depends on the option of place and dinner. See prices and book online.

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