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Show Siam Niramit (Siam Niramit) You can look at Phuket or in Bangkok. Speaking about him, it is impossible not to hold a parallel with a grand fleet Fantasy (Phuket Fantasea). Which show it is worth choosing to visit? Does the fabulous atmosphere of fantasy Fantasea with many souvenir shops, albinos animal and legend about Prince Kamala, based on the ancient Epos of Ramayana. Or go on a trip to the historic Siam Niramit complex with a cute village in the style of different regions of Thailand, to get acquainted with folk crafts, see national dancing, floating market and a magnificent show telling about traditions and culture. The choice is yours.

Where is Siam Niramit on Phuket?

The creators of Bangkok Siam Niramit chose our island so that not only guests of the capital could enjoy such a famous Thai show. Park is located close to Phuket Town, between Tesco Lotus and Outlet Mall shopping centers. At the entrance to the territory of Siam Niramit you are celebrating Heroes of the show: half-semi-semidentiary kinari, the fun spirit of Phi, Khon and Thai Giant Yakshas, ​​with which you can take pictures on your camera absolutely free.

Cultural villages

And already in front of you the huge park Siam Niramit with a lake, Thai village, two restaurants and a showroom. On the square near the lake, you can ride an elephant or feed the little miscurrent bananas. Here is the scene for the performance of musicians playing in the ranks – Thai xylophones.

First of all, it is worth going to the village of Siam Niramith, which occupies half the territory and consists of copies of houses built in the style of different regions of Thailand. Here you can feel the indescribable atmosphere of rural life and the long-lasting years. The guest, unfamiliar with the traditions of construction in Thailand, first, all at home will seem the same: Pointed roofs and high floor level.

Let’s not go into the nuances, the differences and the reasons for the reasons for such a variety. The traditional clothing of "hosts" houses and their interior associated with individual crafts, speak for themselves. For example, in northern-style houses you will find Thai umbrellas and population costumes Khmon, in which you can even take a picture. The girls will demonstrate the traditions of weaving and getting filaments.

South-style houses are presented with such crafts as a battic painting and the manufacture of buffalo leather figures for the theater of shadows. Once in the Isansky house, you will get acquainted with the festival of Spirit Tu Khon and can even try on a mask. Be sure to walk around the floating market where you can taste traditional Thai delicacies. Wishing can try rice moonshine. But do not get drunk, remember about dinner.

Dinner in Siam Niramit Park

If you ordered tickets to Siam Niramit without dinner, you can eat only Thai cuisine in the village: a sharp salad of papaya, rice noodles with shrimps, rice pudding, fried rice with chicken, omelet and other dishes. On the stage above the water near the floating market there are performances of artists dancing in four different styles.

Dinner in Siam Niramit is held in one of two restaurants. While only one of them is open, over time the second will start functioning too. They will be different to be an extended menu with seafood and grilled meat dishes. It is still working only one restaurant on the second floor. The dinner menu in the buffet style is specially adjusted for every taste, including vegetarians and children. Here you can try various dishes of Thai, Indian and European cuisine, cakes, cupcakes, fruits and Thai desserts. Free from drinks are water, tea and coffee. The rest of alcoholic and refreshments you can purchase for a reasonable fee.

Show Siam Nihimit

Presentation in the park begins at 20.00, the hall doors are open for half an hour. It is better to come about 5-10 minutes before the start to pass photo and video equipment into the storage chamber, as it is strictly prohibited to shoot and photograph.

Show on Phuket - Siam Niramit, photos, prices, reviews Guide in Phuket

Show lasting 90 minutes broken by three actions. In the first part, you will make a fascinating journey through the history of ancient Siam. The second part will present to your attention three otherworldly peace of Thai beliefs. You will get acquainted with the most bright and memorable festivals and holidays in the third part of Siam Niramit.

The territory of Thailand is inhabited by different nationalities who speak different dialects on each other. Tapet who came from Chiang May may not understand some expressions of southerners. In the first action, the Siam Niramit show will be told you about the ancient Kingdom of Lanna, merchants from the coast of the Southern Sea, the heirs of Khmer civilization from the northeastern provinces, combined into the concept of Isan, and about the times of the majestic capital of Ayuttheia, during which the Siamese kingdom has reached its heyday.

The second action of the Siam Niramit show introduces you to three worlds and begins with fiery hell, where all the sinners get. It is worth noting that the scenes may seem rather unlucky or cruel. For example, people abusing alcohol in hell will be forced to drink boiling water from the boiler, and liages will abolish languages. Mystical forest Himapan exists on the border of earthly and heavenly life. He is inhabited by magic creatures: Woman-birds of Kinari, the girls of the naipon, which were born of trees and fruits, Mekala and Ramasun gods, lightning and thunders. The second action is completed by the representation of paradise with the God of Indyra, the heavenly divas and angels.

The last third of the action tells about the colorful festivals and holidays, which are celebrated throughout the year. You will see how the boats are launched in Loi Kratong, as in the province of Lei, the FCU Ta Khon festival is held and learn many other Thai traditions.

The show is accompanied by modern special effects, speeches of elephants and goats and, which is especially pleased with subtitles in our. True, I was noticed by small mistakes in translation, and I did not understand the meaning of several phrases. Forgive Siam Niramit such a small laughter.

You can order tickets for the Siam Niramit show with dinner and without, as well as your discretion, the presence of transfer, gold or platinum places in the auditorium.

Siam Niramite Park Address: 55/81 Moo 5, Rassada, Muang
Coordinates: 7.931109, 98.376946

Show on Phuket - Siam Niramit, photos, prices, reviews Guide in Phuket

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