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Going on vacation with children, parents care that the recreation conditions are suitable for small tourists. This implies clean beaches with a convenient entrance to the water, and the availability of comfortable hotels and, of course, the choice of entertainment, which will help to diversify the leisure of the child, and better – the whole family.

All this is available on Phuket, so it is not surprising that many travelers with children arrive annually on his resorts. The beaches here are sandy and clean, warm water, hotels in Phuket for recreation with children, and the tourist infrastructure is able to satisfy the demands of the most demanding guests.

Entertainment on Phuket is also extremely much. One of them – a fantasy show on Phuket (PHUKET Fanta Sea Park), which is located in the western part of the island, in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKamala Beach. Occupying more than 56 hectares, this huge park is divided into several parts, each of which is interesting in its own way.

The first part is called Festival Village, or Festival Village. Processions, festivals and other celebrations during the holidays pass here. But in the most disadvantaged days in this area Park is worth walking.

First, there are whole ranges of benches and shops, which are mainly sold by national handmade souvenirs.

Secondly, the buildings of the festival village are an example of various architectural styles, so it can be observed for the development of the architecture of Thailand.

Show Fantasy on Phuket Tropik Tour

Thirdly, children are waiting for the wonderful adventures in Khanuman’s specially built for them – Monkey God.

Another Park Pearl – Golden Kinnaree Restaurant, cozy, located on the banks of the blue lake. The interior of the restaurant, decorated with gilding, and, of course, his exquisite menu, which presents the best Thai, Japanese, Indian and European cuisine presented.

Resting in the restaurant, you can continue to continue walking in the park with new forces. The next part of it is called the Palace of Elephants, it is built in the style of the Sukhota Era and is set by unusual statues of elephants. Immediately held ambitious shows with the participation of these smart animals, and in the evenings, with the onset of darkness, – the colorful and memorable show of the singing fountains.

In Phuket Fantasea, please both the smallest and adult tourists. Visiting this Park – a great opportunity to spend a day with pleasure and get a lot of impressions about holidays on the hospitable Phuket.

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