Show dancing fountains in Protaras

Fontanov Show at Protaras Resort – This is a great opportunity to have a good evening and get good emotions. ours are especially loved, because in the course of the presentation you can hear our songs.

Here are involved jets of water, light, music, lasers, smoke and pyrotechnic installations. All this makes the show very diverse in content, but many tourists and negatives are noted: the lack of a plot and harmony of what is happening.

In this article, we will deal with whether the show is worthwhile, and we will give all the necessary information to tourists.

How to get

Entertainment complex Magic Dancing Waters Center is located on the outskirts of Flamingo Beach, Protara Avenue, 7 (Protar Street, 7). Focus on the McDonalds Restaurant, the complex is located right behind it.

Some of Protaras hotels are easy to reach on foot, from the long-distance hotel – 5 kilometers. If you do not want to go, then go by taxi, the trip will cost 4 to 8 euros, read prices in our review "Taxi in Cyprus".

Come to see the fountain show can be from Ayia Napa. By taxi, the trip will cost 13 to 19 euros.

If you want to save on transport, use the bus. Near the center there is a stop "Protara 1", where buses are stopped 101, 102, 703, 706, 708 and 711. Some of them will surely stop near your hotel in Protaras or Ayia Napa, most likely the 101st. We reach 1.5 days and 2.5 in the evening (rate from 21:00) euro per person. Read our article "Buses in Cyprus".

Vacationers at the other resorts of Cyprus do not recommend even trying to get there – long and expensive.

Opposite the entertainment complex there is free parking.

Price like a water show

Fontans have the official website of Magicdancingwaters.Com. Theoretically, there is a function of booking tables and places to view, you can pay via PayPal. In practice, at the time of the last update of this article in 2018, it is impossible to book through the site, because when you try to enter the name and surname, the site offers the site to introduce a date.

Book a table in advance is still possible. By phone +357 99 623143 or using the feedback form at http: // www.Magicdancingwaters.COM / RU / How-Find-US / .

Simply buy tickets at the checkout:

– Without dinner: adult – 23 euros, children’s (from 2 to 12 years old) – 15 euros;

– With dinner: adult – 38 euros, children – 25 euros.

Working hours

The show starts at 21:00. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the second show is arranged at 22:30. Loading an hour for a whole hour.

The restaurant opens at 19:30. That is, it is most convenient to come to 19:30, take the best non-places and dine. At the beginning of 21:00 you will be already satisfied, satisfied and ready for the spectacle. Dinner is organized in a buffet format.

Fountains work not all year round, only from April to November inclusive.

Facts and numbers

Of course, in terms of protaras fountains far from Dubai fountains or fountains in Las Vegas. But the numbers are still impressive.

160 powerful pumps and 18,000 nozzles throw water jets to a height of up to 12 meters. Fountains are managed by 5 conjugate computer systems.

Fountains reproduce 65 static figures, including 60 meter long water wall, which is used as a background for laser projections. 4 laser and 6 radiation projector create animation. In the course of the show show mini history: "History of mankind "," 7 wonders of the world "," Life of Greek Zorby ". 1200 spotlights illuminate action.

In the center of fountains there is an ethna volcanic layout, an eruption occurs in the final view. At this moment, flue installations are included, and from the vulcan vehicle, a special patented burning liquid flows. This volcano was built 4 years, the design was complemented by real gravel and ash for greater realistic.

Music near the show was engaged in the famous Greek composer Wangelis Papataanssow. Of course, this name is not enough of the readers from readers, but all his creations heard all. He wrote music to the movies: "Blade Running", "1492: Won of Paradise", "Alexander (2004)". Wangelis Papataanssow – owner of an Oscar for music for the film "Fire Chariots", this composition was accurately heard, it is often used on television.

Description of the show

Let’s try very briefly describe the dance of fountains, although it is really difficult to describe, it is necessary to see.

Show dancing fountains in Protaras

Begins view from the song "Besam Maucho". Fountains as if accelerated, the jets are becoming higher.

Next, the national melodies of Cyprus include, and in front of the audience there are figures of dancing women. After dancers, the jet of water work as if chaotic, in many ways resembling a snowy storm, but it is only a preparation for a new turn.

Song "Katyusha" sounds, and the jet of water becomes slim, repeating the beauty and grace of the our girl from the song. During the show, you can hear other our melodies "Kalinka-Malinka" and "Eh, Dubinushka, US. our tourists in Cyprus in numbers are inferior only to the British, it is not surprising that we are trying to please.

In the middle of the show turns on laser installations. Initially, they begin to show squares, circles, diamonds and other figures. This part is clearly "not to the place" in the overall concept of the show, many viewers it is only annoying.

Next, water no longer accepts key participation in the presentation, lasers make all the work. Appear figures of people who jump, run, squat. The following shows the sights of the world, animals, flags and briefly demonstrates the history of Cyprus.

At the end of the alarming music, volcanic eruption begins. Flood installations are included and a special fluid is spilled along the slope, which burns, imitating lava. Ends the idea of ​​the wishing of happiness in English.

Someone applauds delighted with what he seemed to someone seems to someone, someone is simply indifferent. How many people, so many opinions.

Tips for tourists

– If you want the best places, then book in advance or come at 19:30 to take the best unprotected places;

– At 21:00 the show and dinner begins. Come in advance to have time to eat;

– If you can relax in the neighboring hotel Kapetanios Bay, then from the windows of the show you can watch for free;

– With strong wind, the splashes from the fountain reach the first rows of viewers. If you do not want to get into the wind, do not sit down on the first rows;

– Evenings even in summer in Cyprus can be cool. Take a light sweater for evening walks and for a trip to the show, we talked about clothes on the trip in the article "What to take to Cyprus".

– There is a photographer among visitors. Photo after the show can be redeeming for 5 euros. Do not want, do not buy, no one obliges;

Good entertainment on vacation, and read our articles about Cyprus (Links below).

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