Shots of new "Star Wars" threaten the populations of Irish birds

Experts reported that it was now that the impositions of the impositions and the petrels have arrived, and the shooting threatens to this process, since the natural habitat of birds is disturbed.

However, according to the organizers of the filming, nothing illegal in the actions of the film crew is still not: Negotiations on work on Skellig-Michael began six months ago, and as a result, the JSC team. J. Abrams came to an agreement with ecologists. The head of the Irish service of cinematography also stressed that the shooting was organized with attention to the period of reproduction of local birds, reports Independent.

Shots of new

Skellig-Michael Island – Steep Rocky Island-Rock about 15 km west of the coast of Irish County Kerry. At the end of the VI century n.NS. The monastery was built on the island. Monks lived in stone beehs, similar to bee. In 1996, the monastery was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. This is one of the most famous and at the same time hard-to-reach monasteries in Europe. It is thanks to the inaccessibility that the monument is well preserved to the present day.

The island lives a large population of seabirds, including such as cormorants, stupid, moaes, gagki, kayra, Atlantic, European and Mankie petrel.

Shots of new

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