Short Day Walk through the Central Park (New York)

What do you know about the Central Park?
Park Length — 4 kilometers width — 800 meters, total area — 3.4 km² (that almost twice the area of ​​Monaco). Park attend about 25 million people per year. Despite the fact that the park looks very natural, almost all landscapes are created manually. The park has several artificial lakes, a large number of alleys, two ice rink, corners of untouched wildlife and lawns used for various sports, as well as children’s playgrounds and its zoo. Migrant birds fly out in the park, and therefore it is very popular among bird lovers. 10-kilometer road surrounding the park is often used by runners, cyclists and fans of roller skates, especially on weekends and after 7 pm, when the car movement is prohibited. Central Park is often called green lungs Manhattan. (c) Wikipedia

Let’s not ship you with long texts, just look.

One of the artificial lakes.

The park is very pleasant fresh air, a lot of all living things, here rest. If you look at the front stone, ducks are sitting, and two healthy turtles are sucking a little left in the sun.

Rose to this castle.

Sometimes it is not even believed that all this is done by hand.

Still Americans love to take lunch and boat to hire. Any depression immediately disappears.

Also in the rental you can take a bike on 2rs. I think it is better than going into a cinema, and then to a restaurant and home.

our girl passed by. From them you can usually hear: – "We do not get acquainted with our boys".

And the Americans (unlike the ours) are very fond of sports. And it doesn’t matter how old you are running even in 70!
Any sport can be done again in the Central Park.

Basketball. Hung here for half an hour, the feeling that they played like in NBA. The guy, the growth is no more than 170 cm, easily threw the ball from above (which is left of all, in an orange T-shirt).

You can go beach volleyball.

Short Day Walk through the Central Park (New York)

American women love baseball, so they often give the guys in this section.

And this is a very funny frame. -"Hey Guy" – I shouted, and the ball flies a poor guy in a helmet. Probably the future star, loves to put up from an early age.

Others love just ride a bike, touch, run – all you can see on 1 photos.

And others like to just lie down, they also treated them today.
On a weekday it looks like this:

Ahead of me already waited.
From trees, green grass, squirrel and ponds are not left and a trace.
Glass only:

As well as glass, aluminum, concrete and yellow taxis:

However, about it somehow next time.
Good night America, with good morning Russia!

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