Short councils

If you take excursions from the company through which you go, prices should not be above 1500 baht, 1 dollar – 38 baht (now 1 dollar is about 41 batt). What is not all that suggests worth taking – from my point of view. For example, you will be offered to go to a sex show for 500 baht. Do not do this, t.To. In Pattaya of this good, in price for one bottle of beer, which you should buy at the entrance.

It seems to me, it is necessary to take a show of transvestites (1000 baht), a trip to the village of Hong-Hooch (1500 baht). The rest of your own choice. This choice is big.

Failing to walk at all – this can be burned in Bangkok. And also on their own to go on many tours, in particular, to the coral island.

Combined Safari Tour – Full Fuffer – I do not advise you to take.

Short councils

Prices for food – In the Pattaya itself, it is possible in the restaurant quite cool for two dinner for 1000 baht. Of course, not in the most expensive restaurant. Fish restaurants are more expensive – there for each dish – 300-350 baht. If there is in the city of street merchants, then you can fill the belly of the fellowship and for 100 baht and even less. Only categorically I do not recommend taking salads and generally cold food for protection against gastrointestinal diseases, and also do not take drinks with ice for the reason that this ice is often made from non-filled water. I somehow saw how this ice from the refrigerator was loaded in one lauree – they rolled it on the ground. If you take, then only fried food.

I know that many eat what they fell and praise that nothing happened to them – such in particular, Monsieur Stomakhin – Journalugue, who wrote about his voyage in Thailand in the journal Alien. (Article Stomakhina is here) I, they say, everything ate and nothing. It can be answered like this: "What are you talking about AIDS there – I fucked here with a prostitute and sewn with a general syringe with others – and no AIDS. You all about this AIDS".

If we argue in the same manner – of course, eat everything you want, drink local water, fuck with secret without insurance (hygiene is all labud).

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