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In addition to the paradise of tropical on Phuket, there is a simple shopping parade for shopaholics. We will not go into the abundance of shops with beach facilities and benches with Thai souvenirs, and let’s talk about large shopping centers on the island. Speed ​​to get rid of the enno amount on shopping and abundance of various interesting things Phuket ranks third in Thailand after Bangkok and Pattaya. In my opinion, the best way out for suffering shopping-syndrome – come to Phuket with an empty suitcase. Otherwise, the desire to buy itself something like will turn into a conversion of baggage at the airport.

There are many hypermarkets and Molls on Phuket. Basic Shopping Centers – Phuket Town and Patong Beach. However, on other beaches you will find shopping galleries and streets with shops. But if you resolutely tuned to Big Shopping, go to shopping centers. Phuket map with all stores and hypermarkets is below.

Central Festival and Floresta

Opening hours: 10.30-22.00.

Central Phuket – The best shopping center in Phuket Town, located at the entrance to the city. In it 2 buildings – Floresta and Festival. More than 350 stores offer a wide range of famous European and Asian brands. In the new building there is an Aquarium Aquarium, 3D Museum, Unusual Park Quest.

The shopping center actually five levels. On the ground floor there is a department with perfume, clock and shoes, many shops of famous brands, a Central Food Hall supermarket and small restaurants and cafes. On the second – a department with women’s clothing, underwear and swimsuits, a store of souvenirs and gifts Zeen Zone, household appliances, telephones, pharmacies Buds and Watsons, boutiques, banks with exchanger and massage salon. On the third – Department of Male and Sportswear, Bookstore, Cinema, Food Court and Restaurants. On the fourth – children’s clothing, shoes and toys, different beauty salons, hairdressers. If you go through the cosmetics department and perfumery of the first floor and go down on the escalator down to the zero floor, fall into the home and office goods department.

Central Phuket You can find brands like Chaps, Guess, Esprit, Lacoste, Levi’s, Timberland, Playboy, Samsonite, City Chain, Swarovski, Nike, Liz Clayborne, Marks & SPENSER, ROXY, Calvin Klein and others. From all shopping centers in Phuket only in Central Festival has a Thai Silk Shop Jim Thompson. In the souvenir department of Zeen Zone on the second floor they sell unusual things ideal for gifts. In the salons of optics on the second floor there is an opportunity to buy the most modern glasses of such design grades like Cartier, Versace and Gucci. In the cosmetics and perfume department, you can find brands like Chanel, Dior, Revlon, Etude, L’Oreal, Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, Clarins, Kanebo, L’Occitane.

In the mall Central Phuket More than 30 restaurants and cafes in which you can slowly eat and take a little break from shopping. Famous Fuji Japanese Cuisine Network Restaurant is located on the third floor. In the European restaurant, Sizzler is preparing excellent steaks, which includes a salad bar. Delicious ice cream serves Swensen’s cafe, and in Starbucks Coffee, you can drink a cup of latte with chocolate muffin. On the first and third floors in Food Corte, you can eat tasty and inexpensive to eat Thai and European dishes, it is enough to put money on the card at the checkout. Read full review of the shopping center >>>

Tesco Lotus (Teso Lotas)

Opening hours: 09.00-23.00.

Tesco Lotus – First Shopping Center, built on Phuket, in Phuket Town. In addition to this store, Tesco Lotus is located in the Tagan, Chalong area, as well as in other areas of the island there are small Tesco Lotus Park – Street Chao Fa, Bangtao Beach. It is similar to the chain of Auchan or Metro stores and share to a hypermarket where you can buy everything – from freshly squeezed carrot juice to an inflatable boat, small boutiques of Asian brands and restaurants. According to some parameters, the goods in the hypermarket are superior to the quality of what is sold in Big C. Many Patong Residents come to Lotus to buy cheap T-shirts and shorts. In my opinion, here is the best choice of inexpensive children’s clothing of good quality. No wonder the Lotus supermarket chain wrapped the whole island, there are four more four-storey stores on Phuket, where only essential goods sell: products, alcohol, cosmetics and household chemicals. In the central Lotus in Phuket Town, the home Pro department with inexpensive goods for repair, home and garden. In the shops sell clothes of Thai brands Pena House, Zein and Haas, Thai souvenirs and tourist trivia. On the second floor of Lotus is a food court and noisy slot machines, so if you like to eat in silence, it is worth choosing any other restaurant on the first floor: Pizza Company, Black Canyon Coffee, KFS or Santafe.

Big C (Big C)

Opening hours: 09.00-24.00.

In three hundred meters from Tesco Lotus there is a three-storey shopping center Big C. His concept is similar to the previous hypermarket. On the zero floor there is a food court, a playroom for children, electronics and telephone stores. It is here, in my opinion, the largest selection of phones on Phuket. The first floor is occupied by hypermarket, fast food restaurants, cosmetics and jewelry stores. On the second floor they sell Thai souvenirs and is a bowling. In addition to Big C in Phuket Town, a shop on the Kamala Beach, on the beach Patong at the Jung Ceylon complex and close to Terminal bus station 1.

Robinson (Robinson)

Opening hours: 10.00-22.00.

The Robinson store is located in the center of Phuket Town and Jungceylon’e On Patong. He reminds something from the Central Festival department in the mall of the same name, however, the brands differ slightly. Robinson The largest selection of female underwear on Phuket, shoes and children’s clothing of famous world brands. In the cosmetics department, brands such as Lancome, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Clinique, H20 +, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Kose, Kanebo, Revlon and Paul Smith. On the ground floor of the shopping center in Phuket Town there is a small supermarket Tops.

Ocean Plaza (Ocean Plaza)

Opening hours: 11.00-22.00.

Shops Ocean Plaza Three: one in the center of Phuket Town, and two on Patong – on Bang Bang Road and in the southern part of the beach on the first street. In tourist destinations sell various Thai souvenirs and recreation clothes. The shopping center in the center of Phuket-Town is famous for its sales, and on the second floor of the store there is a cinema.

Jungceylon (Dzhang Ceylon)

Opening hours: 11.00-22.00.

Big shopping and entertainment complex Jungceylon On the beach Patong more reminds a small town. Here you can find the Robinson shopping center, hypermarket Big C Extra, dozens of boutiques, restaurants and cafes. More than two hundred shops combined under one roof. Jungceylon is divided into four zones: Silang Boulevard, The Port, Sino Phuket and Phuket Square.

Silang Boulevard, decorated in the style of the tropical island, is a building located at the entrance from the second street of Patong Beach Street. On the first and second floors are fashionable boutiques, Fast Food and Japanese restaurants, Fuji Cafe-ice cream Haagen-Dazs and Swensen’s, Pharmacies Boots and Watsons, Two Sports Departments. Zero floor divide Food Court with delicious Thai cuisine, massage salons and a huge number of bellows with souvenirs. Perhaps in Jungceylon the largest selection of Thai souvenirs on Phuket. On the third floor there is an island with mobile phone stores and other small machinery.

In 2016, on the 3rd floor, Dzhang Ceylon and Silang Boulevard opened a fascinating quest-escape "30mintoescape". You can choose one of the rooms "Lost church" or "Robbers in trouble". On script you have only 30 minutes to solve all puzzles, find the key and get out of the room. Entertainment cost – 550 baht for adults, 300 baht for children. The attraction is perfect for the whole family.

Phuket Square occupy a Robinson shopping center, hypermarket Big C Extra, a variety of boutiques, banks, a large store of cosmetics and perfumery, cosmetic salons, bowling, cinema, karaoke rooms and an xD simulator. On the 3rd floor there is a children’s club Molly Fantasy, where your child will hold an unforgettable time. On the first floor there is a service offering luggage storage cells, your personal items and other things. You can leave the suitcases for a time from a couple of days to several months.

Shops on Phuket and shopping centers on the map in Russian - Browse, photos, reviews Guide in Phuket

The Port, in my opinion, the most interesting and beautiful zone of Dzhangzillon. A huge ship resembling the opening of the island, fountain, cocktail Squeeze and the newly opened nightclub, decorated in cosmic style. Every evening on the square near the fountain in 19.00 and in 21.00 passes a laser show with musical accompaniment.

The most delicious Zone of Sino Phuket is decorated in Portuguese style and is a street of bars and restaurants. Bored in our cuisine, can enjoy it at the Spice House restaurant, as well as Thai. Drink Irish Beer Offers in Irish Times Pub. Eat a real Australian steak better in Hog’s Breath Cafe.

Outlet Mall (Outlet)

Opening hours: 11.00-22.00.

The shopping center is located on the road from Phuket Town to the airport. Two streets are located branded shops of clothing and shoes for adults and children, sporting goods, toys and much more. Here you can find brands like Crocs, Triumph, Quiksilver, Hush Puppies, Playboy, Robin Ruth, Samsonite, Geox, Adidas, Billabong, Converse, Esprit, Guess, Ripcurl, Reebok, Nautica, Disel, Roxy, Manchester, Geox, Esprit, Crocodile, Lacoste, Bossini, Alain Delon, Zein, Haas, Ecco, Levi’s and other discounts 10-70%.

Villa Market (Villa Market)

Opening hours: 11.00-22.00

Villa Market Shopping Center will be interested in more local Faragam than tourists, there is near Ring Chalong. Here are a variety of homes for home, garden and office. But the center of the center in the Villa Market supermarket, where imported products sell. Here you can buy Australian beef, German sausages, a variety of wines, buckwheat and even kefir. Parents will find a large selection of familiar food for their children, a variety of dairy products and hygiene items. Villa Market also has in the Chengtale area near Bangtao Beach and Marina Boat Lagoon.


Opening hours: 06.00-23.00

Shopping center Makro Looks like a network of supermarkets Metro. It will suit those who love to purchase products wholesale or in large packages. The hosts of restaurants every day are purchased here. Fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood and other necessary products. In the shopping center you will find the selection of imported spices – Japanese sauces, Indian Curry and GCI oil, German bread, Mexican Tortyl, sauces and semi-finished products for Thai and European dishes. Here are purchased by food, appliances, dishes and other inventory not only local restaurants, but also hotels. You will find Wholesale sets of small shampoos, soap, towels, bed linen, bathrobes and slippers. Also in Makro sell household chemicals, small goods for home and restaurants. In addition to the store in Phuket Town, you will find Makro on Patong Beach, Kata, in Chalong and Talang.

Phuket map with shops and shopping centers

In many shopping centers of Phuket, there are currency exchange points. In most stores hanging a sticker at the entrance – VAT 6%. The Government of Thailand goes towards tourists and makes it possible to return VAT, held when buying goods in the country. Read the tax return rules in a separate article.

See shopping centers on the map of the island above. Before them can be reached by taxi or city transport with most of Phuket beaches.

Shops on Phuket and shopping centers on the map in Russian - Browse, photos, reviews Guide in Phuket

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