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In Thailand, sometimes you can come with an empty suitcase, and everything you need to buy on the spot. In all major cities you can easily find medicines, sunscreen, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream and other Thai cosmetics. In addition, medicines are sold in private pharmacies, and cosmetic goods in small shops even in small cities. The most necessary minimum is offered round-the-clock mini markets 7-11, Family Mart, Big One, Super Cheap.

Pharmacy + Cosmetics Store

In Thailand, there are two Network Pharmacies Boots and Watsons, where not only medicines sell, but also cosmetic products. They can be found in major shopping centers, just on the street or at airports. On the one hand, Boots and Watsons are similar to Tesco Lotus and Big C hypermarkets – in addition to the same goods in each sell certain brands. On the other hand, network pharmacies differ, Watsons exits first in popularity among Thais.

Stores Buts and Watsons in Thailand

Boots is a British network of cosmetic goods and medicines with shops in many countries of the world. Watsons come from Thailand, but already completely conquered Asian countries and even some European. Each of the network pharmacies have several shops on Phuket. Sometimes they neighbor each other or are opposite. Among Thais Watsons are more popular than boots. Patriotism affects the presence of a large range of Thai analogues of imported medicines. Both networks offer their buyers bonus cards, giving 5% discount on products under their brand. If you often acquire cosmetic products and medicines in one of the pharmacies, the bonus card is better to purchase. On the conditions, recognize at the box office.

In each of the network pharmacies several times a year there are sales. We can say that they are constant, given the additional discounts on certain brands. Monthly logs with sold goods.

I can not say that some kind of defined network pharmacy is better in price. Some identical goods in Watsons will be cheaper by 5-10%. In addition, they have a large selection of local analogs of drugs, respectively, you will save money without overpaying for import brands. In both pharmacies, the pharmacist lies the MIMS directory – the best assistant when you need to find a medicine or a local analogue on the active substance. If you are interested in decorative cosmetics, a certain tone of lipstick, BB-cream or CC-cream, it is better to go to Watsons. We can say that in Watsons more selection of Asian goods, and in Boots European. I will tell you a little about the branded cosmetics, which is presented in Network Pharmacies Boots and Watsons.

What is sold in boots

Shops Buds and Watson in Thailand - Cosmetics, Phaseca, Medication Guide in Thailand

Many guests of Thailand Boots are associated with Botanics Cosmetics: Creams and Face Lotions, Hands and Body; Shampoos, air conditioners and hair masks; Means for removing makeup, tonic and age-related emulsions; Decorative cosmetics and separate line for men. Inexpensive Decorative Cosmetics Brand 17 (Seventeen), originally designed for adolescents, is popular and the girls are older, offering powder, consilet, base, mascara, shadow, blush, nail polish and makeup removal means. And also you can buy Decorative Cosmetics No7, In 2 IT, Essence, Misline, Za and other companies. Sabai-Arom cosmetics manufacturer can only be found in Boots, products are not limited to essential oils and sprays that I wrote before, but Thailand’s aromas is a business card brand. Various creams, scrubs, shower gels, lotions, shampoos with the smell of Lemongrass, Banana, Mango, Jasmine, Safeir, Tamarind and other plants – just a fairy tale. Boots stores presents Sanctuary Spa and Champney Spa companies: Scrubs with salt or sugar, shower gels, bathroom foams, creams, and lotions, sprays, body oils with incredible aromas that immersed in the atmosphere of this Spa Center. Funds for and after tanning in Boots Many: Nevea, Garnier, Eucerine, Soltun, Luminese. From the age cosmetics, you can see Dermocare, Vichy, La Roche-Posay. To care for hair in Boots, Toni & Guy, Umberto Giannini, Mark Hill, Trevor Sorbie, Inecto. Also in stores sell medicines, dietary supplements, vitamins, balms on herbs, riding tablets, all for the cavity of the mouth, creams from acne and acne, hygiene products, products under the Boots brand – all as in a conventional pharmacy.

What to buy in Watsons

Most recently, Watsons celebrated the opening of the 333-storey store in Thailand. Local residents like this network. Some Asian and European brands are presented in Watsons, as in Boots, and in the cosmetic departments of large shopping centers: Maybelline, L’Oréal, Pond’s, Vichy, Za, Neutrogena, Banana Boat, Smooth E, Biore, Eucerin, Revlon, Nivea. I will not stop on them. Watsons releases cosmetics and related products under its brand: sunscreen, fabric face masks, shower gels, shampoos, body scrubs, dietary supplements, vitamins. In stores you can buy Japanese cosmetics: HADA LABO – Hyaluronic acid care products, AHA and BHA acids; Senka – Lotions and wash foams; TSubaki – shampoos and air conditioners for hair, including confused shampoos; Gatsby – hair styling agents; Meishoku – BB Cream, lotions for removing makeup, moisturizing tonic and creams with SPF for every day; Bifesta – washbasin foam, makeup removal means, matting napkins.

In Watsons you can purchase Korean cosmetics: Rojukiss or RJK – very well-known means for care for problematic and fading skin; Seoul Secret – Collagen Masks for Men and Women, as well as Innovative CC Cream. In addition to Watsons’s own products, there are many Thai cosmetics in the store: Herbal Balsam, including Tiger Balm; inhalers; Vitara – gels with aloe vera, sunscreen; Bancream – faces for face and body, including anti-cellulite cream and products to fight acne; Dr.PANIT’S – Lotion against hair loss in men; Numerous dietary supplements, diet pills, vitamins, food additives and collagen drinks. Only in Watsons you can buy Indian himalaya cosmetics. Here you will find the following imported brands: Active Bee Venom from New Zealand, French Uriage, Avène, Bourjois, Riviera + Suisse from Switzerland and Non-American Cosmetics. In Watsons Sell Dry Shampoo Batiste and Famous Cream "Egyptian magic" (Egyptian Magic), consisting of olive oil, bee honey, wax, pollen, uterine milk and propolis.

Now you know some differences between multi-brand cosmetic stores-pharmacies Boots and Watsons. In Phuket, look for their shops in large shopping centers: Central Festival, Jung Ceylon, Tesco Lotus, Big C, Villa Market. Pleasant shopping!

Shops Buds and Watson in Thailand - Cosmetics, Phaseca, Medication Guide in Thailand

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