Shops & Prices: Sicily

On Sicily Shops (Negozio) are the same as everywhere in Italy, in large cities. You will meet traditional department stores "La Standa", "Upim" and etc.

Sicily – Island, visited mainly, weissious people, so prices for goods here are higher than in the provincial cities of Italy, rather, at the level of Milan, Rome, Florence. However, if you set out the goal of buying some fashionable thing, and this is famous for all Italian stores, do not do it in big cities – provincial centers (the most expensive stores in Palermo are located on the main street Via Della Liberta (freedom). The same can be bought in the suburbs, but in several (!) Once cheaper. For example, a good leather bag with a variety of compartments, which in the center of Agrigento, cost 540000L ($ 270) was discovered away from the center near the hotel "Tre Torri" At a price of 180000L (90 $). Approximate price for a bag of leather – 75000-110000L (35-55 $).

High-quality leather shoes costs from 80000L ($ 40) and above; sandals, shoes – 100000-20000L (50-100 $). There are very beautiful models from the skin leaks, fabrics, artificial suede and they stand 20,000-40000L ($ 10-20). By the way, you can pick up an ensemble in one store – both the bag, and shoes, and a golk in one tone and t. NS.

The choice is huge and 3 – 5 times cheaper than in Moscow – in Gum, Tsum, not to mention "Petrovsky Passage" and shops on the new Arbat. For comparison: summer dress can be bought in 29000L ($ 15), although there is also 500000L ($ 250) and above; Cotton T-shirt – 15000L ($ 7.5); cotton pants – 50000-60000L (25-30 $); Fashionable artificial silk blouse can cost 200000L ($ 100), and an elegant organza cape – 500000L ($ 250), although for this amount you can buy a whole suit.

On the street markets, the goods are risky, most likely, this is an Asian fake with an Italian label, but very cheap – 8000-10000L (4-5 $).

In grocery stores, small cafes, kiosks and trays you can buy products, drinks; Fruits, vegetables, pickles, cheeses, dairy products, oil, smoked and priests are sold on the street markets. The difference between the Sicilian market from our in the fact that all the goods are beautiful as on the selection and you can choose as much as you like, it is also quite good to bargain, but still it is worth monitoring the cost of weight.

Prices for some products:

Bottle of water (2 l) – 1500L (0.7 $) (Naturale – Natural, Frizzante – carbonated);

bread (1 kg) – 4500-6000L (2.2-3 $), bun – 2000L (1 $);

ice cream (100 g) – 1500-2000L (0.7-1 $);

coffee (100 g) – 1000L (0.5 $);

vodka "GRAPPA" (0.75-1 l) – 10000-15000L (5-75 $);

Bottle of dry wine (0.75 l) – 10000-15000L (5-75 $);

olive oil (1 l) – 6500-15000L (3.2-75 $);

Sausage boiled (1 kg) – 7000-25000L ($ 3.5-12),

Shops and prices Sicily

"Parmjano" – Surgery (1 kg) – 45000-50000L ($ 22.5-25);

cheese "Parmjano" (1 kg) – 60000-70000L ($ 30-35);

Oranges (1 kg) – 4000L (2 $);

nuts (1 kg) – 2000-2500L (1-1.2 $);

watermelon (1 kg) – 700L (0.35 $);

Vegetables on average for 1 kg – 1000-2000L (0.5-1 $).

Shopping time

Shops on the island work with 9.00 am to 13.00, with 13.00 to 15.30 – Siesta (lunch break) and from 16.00 to 19.30 (in regional centers) and up to 18.00-18.30 – in the province. On Saturday and selectively on any weekdays shops work until lunch, on Sunday and holidays – weekends. At this time, small cafes are working, where you are glad to pack buns, pies, cakes or a good piece of pizza – 1500L ($ 0.7), and if desired, it is a whole pizza, although it weight can be, for example, 2.1 kg for 38000L ($ 19), and even deliver with messenger for a small additional fee and modest tips (1000L – 0.5 $). Markets also work on Sundays: in the morning with 6.00-7.00 to 12.00-13.00 other than holidays.

Shops and prices Sicily

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