Shopping with Tax Free in Hamburg

Germany, like all EU countries return VAT tourists. Moreover, the Tax-Free system acts in almost all stores of the country, and the minimum check amount can be only 25 euros. Hamburg, as one of the popular tourist cities – no exception. Shopping with Tax Free in Hamburg use almost all tourists. Moreover, taxes can be returned not only for purchases in large stores, but also in small bears, and sometimes even on the market. Of course, the Tax FREE products purchased on the market will not be able to get, but for the designer thing – it is quite possible.

For example, every Saturday during the summer on the flea market DER.DIE.SEIN-MARKT You can find interesting things with a unique design. Here are more than two thousand designers. On Der.DIE.SEIN-MARKT can be found: Fashionable clothes, textiles, jewelry, design interior items, photos – all that Hamburg can offer in the field of design and creativity. Many young artists who started promoting their work in this market, soon seeks recognition, writes Hamburg.DE. However, a democratic atmosphere and tourists can find unique and unique things at a good price of the Hamburg flea market.

Shopping with Tax Free in Hamburg

You can relax from shopping on the terrace where a small cafe and restaurant are located. Nearby is a playground, where children can play while parents are sitting after a cup of coffee.

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