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As a souvenir from Cyprus can bring pottery, silverware, wine. In every village make skilful tablecloths, napkins, woven products. Cypriot lace and embroidery are unique, especially if they are brought from the village of Lefkara, west of Larnaka. Lacy napkin can cost as much as a work of art – 40 pounds. Prices for all goods designated. Bargain in Cyprus is not accepted, but when buying larger items you can ask about possible discounts. When buying wine at a supermarket to be careful "shake up" I decided to buy a bottle.

In Cyprus, as in Europe, in the stores is not accepted then-rgovatsya. Prices are fixed. You can try to trade subsequent to the market. However, in season fruits and vegetables are sold very de shevo and the road, at times, literally for a song.

Prices of fruits, juices, water, sold in shops, supermarkets in hotels may differ in half depending on the hotel category. (Supermarkets in Cyprus called a small shop).

In urban stores all the goods are much cheaper.

Store Schedule

In the days of national holidays closed government offices, banks, government agencies, private firms, commercial establishments. Only a few shops are open in places of recreation.

From May to September shops open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00. On Wednesday and Saturday closed at 13:00. Many small shops and stalls sell almost as long as there are buyers.

From October to April, the stores are working mainly to 17.30/18: 00.

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In the tourist zones, shops, as a rule, work without a break.

Cyprus do, probably the most ancient wine in the world – "Commandary" ("Commandaria"). Tell him about a thousand years. In any case, it was known in the XII in. and really liked Richard Lion Heart. As you know, he sold Cyprus knights-temples. Those arranged near Limassol, saying the current language, military base, from here "commander" title.

"Commandary" – Sweet strong enough, dense dessert wine, similar to taste with madel. Bottle "Commandaria" – Best Souvenir with Cyprus!

Lefkaris lace is considered a wonderful souvenir. Local traditions of weaving arts leave at the time of Homer. In it "Oriade" It is said about the bedspread, woven in Cyprus and presented Tsar Agamemnon. Today for a small napkin will have to pay about 40 CY? ($ 80).

For music lovers – a gift of a cassette with records of national songs and dances. Under the incendiary music, Buzuki and Sartaks can be well awesome in Russia. And you can in memory of the journey to buy a video tape with a film about the beautiful island of Cyprus.

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