Shopping, souvenirs

In the UAE you can buy any consumer goods. Especially often bring electronic video – and audio equipment, equipment, gold, furniture. Many stores carry out direct supply of heavy large-sized goods directly to the large cities of the CIS. Credit cards are accepted by all major shops and most small, but cash payment makes it possible to get the greatest discounts and more accurate.

Sharjah and especially Dubai – "Paradise" for shopping. Dubai – a free economic zone with a very low import duty. Here are the lowest prices in the world. Often imported goods are cheaper than in the manufacturers. In Dubai, you can find the latest models of goods from Europe, Japan, Southeast Asian countries. The world-famous golden market in Dubai demonstrates a dazzling variety of precious metals and stones. Here you can buy jewelry from 18-Ti-22-Khkarat Gold.

In Sharjah, impresses an old multicolor textile market, vegetable and fruit market, fish market.

Shopping, souvenirs

From products of folk crafts, you can purchase Arabic coffee pots, silver and copper swords, and "Handjara" (Arab curves Daggers), Lyapis-azure, Jewelry from Oman and Yemen, Persian carpets and cotton "Durrie" (oblong floor carpets).

Visiting stores in the UAE, especially in Dubai, is one of the most attractive classes. Since this is a free trading area with a very low import duty, often imported goods cheaper than their original in the manufacturer. From ultra modern shopping centers to market with many small shops of Dubai and its surrounding Emirates satisfy any buyer. Credit cards are accepted by all major shops and most of the small, but cash makes it possible to get the highest discounts.

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