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From shopping Tourists usually attracts gold, cotton textiles, papyrus, aromatic oils, leather and alabastra.

You can pay any currency, but small purchases (water, food, transportation costs) it is more profitable to pay for Egyptian pounds. In stores during hotels, prices will be higher than in the city. In Hurghad, it is better to shop in Down Town, where not only many jewelry shops and perfume shops are located, but also a vegetable bazaar.

When buying a papyrus, keep in mind that Egypt is flooded with rice paper or banana leaves with a stamped pattern, so buying papyrus should only be in specialized stores, where there are quality certificates.

Alcohol and cigarettes are better to buy in the stores duty-free trade at the airport, in front of the hotel "Royal Palace" And next to the store "McDonalds".

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The best leather bags recommend buying in a small shop "Tony Leiser" (on Sakkal Square near the restaurant "Joker").

Fans of coffee will be lucky enough to buy natural coffee with cardamom or without it for $ 8 per 1 kilogram in coffee shops "Yemen Coffee" in Down Town (next to the bus station) or "Brazil Coffee" (on the road from Sakkal Square to the hotel "Helnan Regina", on the right side of the street).

Shopping, souvenirs 5

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