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Thailand usually brought precious stones, lacquer caskets, silver products with mobile, ceramics, silk, clothing. To export jewels, you need to take a certificate in the store.

Buyers should not ignore numerous Bangkok department stores, which trade both local and imported goods and attract frequent sales. In department stores and large stores prices for goods fixed, but the quality of goods is guaranteed. Along the streets of Silom and Surivongz there is a shopping district with department stores "Robinson" and shopping center "Chan Issara". From Rajprasong Square you can get to the shopping center "Amarin" and department store "Sentral" In one direction, and to the shopping center "Rajadamari" and department store "Daimar" – in a different. Accounting and fraud in resorts is not uncommon.

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In Bangkok, the staggering number of markets and markets where you can bargain. In most cases, the price price can be reduced to 30% of the initial. Bringing clothes and precious stones on a superdeade price from street traders, be careful: In most cases, the quality of the thing corresponds to its price. Fix something will be impossible or too obligated. It should be remembered that the Thai like good manners and a sense of humor, so you should not lose patience or raise the voice. The most famous markets: "Boo" (Clothes, shoes, toys, jewelry, haberdashery) – near hotels "Prince Palace" and "Salt Twin Tower"; "Pratunam" (the same, but higher quality) – next to hotels "Amari Watergate", "Indra" and "Biok"; "Chain Town" (Toys, jewelry). Not far from the hotel "Plaza Central" The Sunday Market is working in the Chatuchak Park. In small private stores, including trading expensive art, jewelry except Bat, pay! I can both in dollars at the official rate.

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