Shopping rules abroad

As soon as our compatriots began to go abroad, we learned that in other countries a very profitable shopping. Many have repeatedly heard stories about cheap gold in Turkey and Egypt, which if bargaining, you can buy a branded thing for "funny" money. After such stories, going on vacation, we began to take with you large amounts of money to spend them on jewelry, fur coats and a varied consumer goods with designer tags.

Those who often ride abroad are known that prices are overestimated in resort areas, and the quality of goods is low. Many souvenirs can dust long on the shelves before buying them. You can, of course, to watch for a long time, choose, bargain, but the seller will still remain in the plus. Valuable, it would seem to buy, will be unnecessary by a bass, or quickly will lose its trade look.

For purchases made on foreign resorts, please you and your friends, remember a few simple rules:

  • In the immediate vicinity of the attractions and spa zones prices higher. But it is worth a little further from the fashionable trail, and you can safely save.
  • Do not hope that in the souvenir shops of the resort zones of the Middle East, you buy a real brand thing. Even if the seller of Ryano proves to you that this original is the world famous brand – know you misleading.
  • Remember that in stores in hotels prices are always higher than beyond. If you need to buy a large number of souvenirs – go to shopping in the nearest settlement. Please ask the hotel guide or at the reception where you can cheap souvenirs. If the hotel is a mansion, find out which settlements are nearby, and how we can get there by public transport. If you need to take a taxi, ask how much a trip to both ends and hour or two expectations can cost. Ask other hotel guests, do they want to make you a company, so you can minimize travel costs.
  • Travel, especially in the East, do not hesitate to reduce the price twice. Yes, and in European stores, it is not a sin to ask if you will do a discount. Usually sellers go towards buyers, especially if they buy a lot of goods right away.
  • Do not buy the first thing you like. See how much it will be asked in other stores, which are analogues. Souvenirs, as a rule, everywhere are the same type, but there is always a chance to buy the same thing much cheaper in the nearby store.
  • Prefer the souvenirs of local production. Do not look for in Egypt decorations from pearls, and in Turkey Cigars. Of course, they can be there, but by concentration.
  • Want to purchase brand things inexpensively – Plan a journey to the sale season, visit outlets, factory shops.
  • In some countries, you can ask for a discount and in a regular store, presenting a passport at the checkout.

If you want to please close local delicacies or sweets – do not be lazy to go to the grocery supermarket. First, you are guaranteed to buy fresh products, and secondly, the prices for them will be lower than in the tourist area.

Shopping rules abroad

Fruit is better to buy on the market, preferably on the eve of the departure and there as a request to take them to bring home without damage.

True, not all fruits can be brought from a trip. In Southeast Asia, there is one unusual fruit – Durian, he has a very tasty flesh, but an extremely unpleasant smell. Therefore, Durian is strictly forbidden to take with him on board the aircraft and in the luggage, and in hand putting. But you can buy candies from Durian to treat your friends in Russia.

Making purchases abroad, it is worth remembering that some things are forbidden to export environmental protection and cultural and historical values ​​for reasons. No matter how sellers were not seduced, it is better to refrain from shopping products from a turtle shell, ivory.

It is not worth buying antique products and fakes under ancient, therefore they can confiscate at customs. Some types of values ​​can be exported only if there is a special permission. But if we are talking about fake, ask the seller from a certificate confirming that your purchase does not represent any historical and cultural value, and do not lose check.

It is also worth being careful when buying all sorts of corals and sea shells. For example, from Egypt, it is impossible to export any items found on the seashore. Whether small shells, pebbles and coral debris. If, when checking baggage, you will find such artifacts, you are flying up to a thousand US dollars.

Such a ban is valid for many seaside resorts. Before traveling, examine the customs rules of the country in which you are going. If the removal of seashells and products from corals from the country is allowed, then buy them in stores and ask for the seller to issue a purchase check. The check can be present at customs to confirm that the product was purchased legally. But from buying large sea shells, it is better to refrain. Purchase from hand – actually encouraging poaching.

In tropical countries in the markets are sold beautiful butterflies and bugs, who love to buy collectors. Such a purchase can also withdraw on customs.

Visiting the ruins of the ancient cities, do not take into memory, and even more so do not buy any stones. Do not try to pick up with you even those stones that are overlookingly lying on Earth. Even if it will be quite small peas. Often, tourists turned out to be in prison because of a small pebble in a baggage.

Many of our compatriots, going to Southeast Asia, attend pharmacies to purchase local medications. Some recommended familiar, about some we heard, but we are not sold for various reasons for various reasons. Keep in mind that some medicines may contain components forbidden in Russia and you have problems crossing the border in the homeland.

If you speak directly about the trip for the sake of shopping, then the direction must be chosen depending on what you want to purchase.

You are interested in sales – go to Europe. Plan a trip for January or July, when discounts reach a maximum. Lovers of famous brands go to the sale in Milan. You can go to factory outlets that are close to Rimini. If you are interested in some particular brand – the better price for it will be offered in the country where it is directly produced.

Shopping in Europe is largely popular thanks to the possibility of getting TaxFree return – value added tax. Going to the store, pay attention to the presence of blue stickers with the inscription Global Blue. Such a sticker may be on the entrance door or on the checkout. Ask the seller whether you can issue a taxfree checkbox in this store. However, remember in each country the minimum purchase amount in order to get the return TaxFree is different as the tax rate. At the same time, you will still keep the commission, so that the real amount will be somewhat less than that indicated in the check.

At the moment, TaxFree Shopping is available in 37 countries around the world. And this is not only most European countries, but also Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, South Korea, UAE, Argentina, Uruguay. All information about countries in which you can make purchases on the TaxFree system can be obtained from WWW.GlobalBlue.Ru. On the same site you can arrange a map of Global Blue, which will save you from a long expectation. The main thing is to keep the commodity and packaging of your purchases until the time when presenting their customs worker. Otherwise, you may refuse to return TaxFree if you already use a thing.

Most popular with shopping lovers use Shub tours to Greece. Moreover, in such a trip, you can go absolutely free, it is only important to fulfill the condition of the contract and acquire a fur coat at least defined in the cost contract. If you still will not be able to choose a suitable fur coat from a huge assortment, you will have to pay your trip. Another indisputable plus shub tours is that shopping can be combined with rest on the coast and excursions.

And in the USA – a country that is famous for its numerous sales confined to various dates, an additional sales tax is charged from all purchases. Each state has its own tax rate. At the same time, in most shops on the price tags, the amount is indicated without tax. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that the price of your purchases can increase by 6-9%. Fare of the tax exempt foreigners and owners of diplomatic passports. Ordinary foreign tourists can present their passport at the checkout, and ask for a 10 percent discount, such a practice exists in large shopping centers of the country.

Get ready for shopping abroad in advance so that your purchases only positive emotions will deliver you, and not turned into another bauble, dusting on the shelf.

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