Shopping on Sri Lanka: Personal Experience

Rested on Sri Lanka this year. Very long ago, I wanted to get there and my expectations were not in vain. We rested in the hikkaduwe and there on the beach we met with an excellent guide Chandi.

We traveled around the country with him for 3 days and it was an incredible journey – very beautiful places, nature, he fed us with fruit constantly, were awesome hotels where we stayed.. With a waterfall.. Also, our girlfriend had a birthday and he organized flowers and a wonderful cake.. Upon returning, we went to other excursions short for half a day.. everything was at the level!

my brother there made a proposal to my girlfriend and here without the help of our guide was also not.. a stunning barbecue dinner, the guys played on the drums and by the tradition of the country they got married) Well, my main dream was to buy sapphire and she came true!

Thanks to the stunning shop Natural Moonstone Mine and Gem Palace WWW.MoonstoneAndGempalace.LK Address: Opp of School Batapola Road Meetiyagoda. It is close to Hickdawa..

At first I visited the store from the factory in Kandy and was very disappointed with prices, there is very expensive! I was upset but our guide helped me. Shop owner very good. We scored rings and earring. They traded and this store licensed in the same place and factory. I chose stones and asked for me my design – everything was done! Brought to the hotel! My aunt chose one rings at first, and then changed my mind – we arrived again in the store and they changed we all without any surcharge. In general, I drove there 3 times, ordered and then they brought me to the hotel. All have certificates. Girls – you will not regret! I will definitely return to this miracle country!

Sunday Market in Hikkaduwe

There was an ordinary Sunday Lankan day, on these days in the hikkaduvea arrange the bazaar. Tuk-tucker told on this on the eve and I decided to go, look for something new of fruit and just shake on the event itself.

All sorts of nonsense from fresh and dried fish, clothes, household goods from plastic finishing with vegetables and fruit.

Noise, gams, tasty. Trade in full swing. I’m accompanied by a tuk-tucker walk in the market, and he helps to choose fruit, tells "vo one crap edible or not?", Trading.

Fruits deserve separate attention. Here are the famous pineapples, mango, papaya, bananas, apples, grapes, tangerines, small watermelons and coconuts filled with liquid – sooo ripe and tasty! Less well-known Neuna, Rambutan, Sausep, Maracuy, Woodapple, Carambol, Guava, Litchie and Mangstine (not season). Everything, of course, is very cheap according to our standards.

Shopping on Sri Lanka Personal Experience

Shopping on Sri Lanka: Impressions and Tips

Shopping in Sri Lanka No. Central shops on Mail Street. There is a market in the city, there are cheap fruits. On Tuk Tuk will take off for 200 ruse and there and there.

Tea buy only there in the corporate store of the English company Mlesna (there will be taken there), in the other places, even in Duty Free, more expensive and choose less. In ordinary stores you can buy just tea (or not tea) dust. Do not buy any spice garden – divorce for money. Although our relative guide swore, that there is no more this anywhere, livhed, like all the guides, it can be seen, gets good interest from sales.

For example, the same, but much cheaper can be bought in Nembo at the villa in the massage salon. Advertising this salon is in the travel agency Rani Beach Resot near Camelot.

In jewelry stores it is necessary to bargain, interest 30-40 will be thrown off.Carefully go around all the shops, the difference in price for the same product can be 2 times. But the jewelry factory does not make sense to go – nothing beautiful and very expensive.

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