Shopping on Phuket for Lazy

Once, scolding in the bookstore our-Thai dictionary for my lessons in the our language, I found a list of souvenirs in it, which, apparently, it was necessary to buy our-speaking tourists. It was typical tourist souvenirs like a pearl necklace – 2 pieces, pendants with a shark or crocodile tooth – 1 piece, Soup Tom Yam – 5 pieces and so on. Probably, the list of gifts was drawn up not on one sheet, if it was so casually forgotten in the our-Thai dictionary. Meanwhile, you can get a similar list and you, if you read my article about Thai souvenirs. But that’s what I thought at that moment: how hard it was hard to rest satellites of shopaholic and their children. To facilitate gift shopping, all those who are interested in this article is dedicated!

Shopping for lazy

Shopping fans can disappear among the mothers of large shopping centers. But their satellites, ordering products in online stores, prefer to spend time with benefit. For example, sunbathe and swim. The main thing here is to compromise. And that joyfully, this compromise is easily achieved in Thailand, literally lying in his chaise lounge, not infrainmenting the interests of your satellite, indulging in sunbathing, nor children who enthusiastically picking in the sand.

On most of the beaches of Phuket (and other Thailand resorts), souvenirs are sold with delivery to the chaise longue. Pilgrims with gifts in the form of elephants, covered, objects utensils, decorations and clothes. Traders willingly discount prices, but here you need to know the real value of the things you like. Lovers to bargain will find themselves, throwing down the price lower than in the souvenir shop. In addition to various gifts for yourself and your loved ones on the beach you can buy something to eat something. Grilled corn for 40-50 baht, coconuts for the same cost, ice cream, sandwiches, juices, cocktails and other goodies bring you straight to the chaise longue. Some annoying merchants offering goods on the beach. My advice: Choose more deserted beaches. And if the hotel is already booked and no choice – do not pay attention to them. Their radar persistently react to views and gestures, if you really do not need a fake clock or belt from the crocodile, do not nod a merchant and do not look at it. Especially attached Thais, which will shake in front of you with their bedspreads or sundresses, when you do not look in his direction, there are no phuket on the beaches.

What to take men?

If a trip to the shopping center is inevitable, you should consider how to take our favorite men who are unable to withstand many hours of shopping tours in the rollers and sometimes assistant assistant.

The first thing that comes to mind is a massage. In many shopping centers there are massage salons and fish spa capable of taking men to record 2 hours.

Consider that you are lucky if you persuade your companion to watch a movie in the cinema. Films in Thai cinemas go in English or original language with English subtitles. Ticket prices of ordinary tickets – 180-250 baht, 3D – 250-300 baht. Do not forget that the session is going a small video about the king and be sure to get up in honor of the respect for the head of the kingdom.

Restaurant – Here it is saving for an hour and a half, it all depends on the degree of hunger of your man and the speed of cooking in the restaurant.

Bookstores – Entertainment from the Cinema section. In Thai bookstores, you can learn a lot of new and interesting, starting about the sights of Thailand and neighboring states and ending with recipes of dishes and fiction. Everything in English and Thai. I go to bookstores as in the library.

Not in every shopping center there are entertainment such as bowling and billiards. In addition, it is not interesting to play alone in them, you need a company of such non-lovers of shopping.

Let’s run on the list of entertainment for hopping opponents in Phuket shopping centers.

  • Central Phuket Phuket Town: Massage, Cinema, Good Restaurant, Food Court, Bookstore.
  • Tesco Lotus In Phuket Town: Restaurants, Food Court, Bookstore.
  • Big C Phuket Town: Fast Food Restaurants, Food Court, Bookstore, Slot Machines, Bowling.
  • Shopping on Phuket - shopping on the beach, entertainment in shopping centers for men and children guide
  • Jungceylon On Patong Beach: Massage, Fish Spa, Cinema, Good Restaurant, Food Court, Bookstore, Bowling, Billiards, Massage, Light Music Show.
  • Outlet Mall: only very poor food court and coffee shop.

How to entertain children in the shopping center?

Infrastructure for children in large shopping centers of Thailand is presented much more modest than entertainment, for example, in Moscow in the form of whole towns for family holidays. Better I’ll tell you everything shopping.

Central Phuket in Phuket Town

Children’s department is located on the first floor of Central Floresta. There is also a mini club with swings and slides. Near the cinema cost a variety of slot machines. At the zero floor of the Festival case, a children’s center is located where you can play. From the cafe, interesting children, Swensen’s on the first floor offers ice cream, and other pastry – fruit cervices, cakes and cakes.

Tesco Lotus in Phuket Town

On the second floor near Food Court there are slot machines and a small children’s town. Swetensen’s ice cream and Donut donuts are always welcome to her little guests.

Big C in Phuket Town

At the zero floor of this shopping center there is a children’s town-labyrinth with balls. Here you can ride a toy animal and paint the figure from plaster or draw a picture-batik. Cafe are represented by donut donuts, fod-corte and fast food. Before the cash register of the hypermarket, sometimes its services offers a photographer who will change to your child in an Asian costume and make professional pictures.

Jungceylon on Patong Beach

In addition to traditional entertainment (slot machines, ice cream and donuts) there is a tire and an evening laser show. On the third floor there is a children’s entertainment center. Before cash register in Bigc Extra, sometimes its services offers a photographer.

Outlet Mall. No entertainment for children.

Shopping – useful and pleasant pastime, especially in the rainy season on Phuket. Nothing and no one should distract you from the process. Take care so that shopping is an interesting occupation not only to you, but also your satellites.

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