Shopping on Mauritius: Personal Experience

Buying rings and earrings on Mauritius: Be careful

I want to tell about the experience of acquiring rings and earring on Mauritius. After the excursion, we were brought to the Miraj store, which is located in Port Lewis. After excursion to the store, I was interested in a ring with emeralds. Briefly bargaining, I decided to buy it. However, it did not turn out to be the right amount, so the director of the store suggested sending a seller to the hotel, and the ring was packed in an envelope, which was sealed and must transfer to the airport, to a special point for issuing goods of duty-free goods to the airport.

Shopping on Mauritius Personal Experience

In the evening, the seller came, I paid the ring, after which he offered to buy similar earrings, he had a sample with him, but in white gold (the purchased ring was yellow). After the long trading procedure, I agreed to earrings. The seller promised that the next day he would make the same earrings in yellow gold, and I would definitely take them in the airport point.

The disappointment found that earrings from white gold, that is, the ring and earrings just different colors. The employee spread his hands and began to call someone. By phone director of that store reported that no one promised me that they would be the same. Return is impossible. It turns out that bought "Cat in a bag", And in this store there are dishonest people! My advice is if and buying, the choice and packaging only in your presence!

Shopping on Mauritius Personal Experience

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