Shopping in United Kingdom

Shopping in the UK attracts many: in this country you can buy truly fashionable and stylish things much cheaper than in Russia, although there will still have to post money anyway.

Shopping Features in United Kingdom

Some are ready to go to the UK for ordinary goods of mass brands, others attract unusual designer clothes: in London and other major cities there are quite a few stores, where at affordable prices are sold unique and very original things from young and while not very well-known fashion designers that you do not buy more NIGHT. At the same time, in expensive boutiques you can find goods all the main famous local, European and American brands.

Another advantage of shopping in the UK – in this country are not shy to sell clothing of normal sizes, designed not to dystrophic models, but on ordinary people.

Main Mecca Shopogolikov – London. In the capital, boutiques of hundreds of companies are concentrated, gigantic streets and multi-storey shopping centers offer millions of goods. Also are famous for shops such major cities like Manchester, Liverpool, York, Newcastle, Southampton. In the province, the choice may be much more modest.

In addition to ordinary stores in the UK, shops and markets are very popular, where they sell vintage clothing, vintage things and all kinds of second-hand.

Large supermarkets are mostly located on the outskirts of cities. Products can be bought in Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Marks&SPENCER, and if you like seafood, then a great choice in Iceland.

In addition to supermarkets and small shops "walking distance" Products should be purchased on famous street markets, which suddenly occur and then fade in urban areas. Find out where such a bazaar appears on what day of the week is usually on the official website of each of the cities.

Prices in the Great Britain stores are mostly fixed, in the markets it is worth trying a little bargain: English traders are not always willing to do it, but if the seller has oriental roots, then you may be lucky.

Making purchases in the UK in the amount of more than 30 pounds in one store, do not forget to decorate the Tax-Free check, then after the stamping of the stamps at customs and the border crossing can be returned (with a deduction of all fees) about 12 percent.

Bank cards of basic payment systems in the UK are accepted almost everywhere.

Shopping time

Ordinary average shops are open from Monday to Saturday from 09: 00-09: 30 to 17: 30-18: 30. On some days or in front of large holidays, the extended working day is sometimes installed – usually until 20:00. Small shopping points during the day (about one o’clock) can be closed for a break. At the same time, in large cities, it is possible to meet stores working around the clock.

Large supermarkets are waiting for buyers on weekdays and Saturday from 09:00 to 22:00, they can work on Sundays about 10: 00-11: 00 to 16: 00-17: 00.

Discounts and sales in the UK

Traditionally, the biggest sales in the UK are held from mid-November to February (Peak comes in late December-January) and from mid-June until the end of August (the midst of July). Discounts reach 70 percent, but sometimes things are dropped by 2-3 times. About accurate dates when new price tags appear on the goods, stores report on their sites.

Shopping in United Kingdom

The most unfounded shopaholics to have time to buy the most popular, come to the doors of the stores strongly in advance, grabbing a thermos and a sleeping bag with me. The rest also should not be intermitted, because most of the goods are bought in the first days, and by the end of the sales, only no one needs.

But do not be upset if your voyage falls at another time. In most shops, small sales, which are exhibited by past collections, do not stop all year round.

Outlets in United Kingdom

Before traveling, be sure to visit Designer Warehouse Sale and find out the dates of the next event. DWS is the grand London sale of male and women’s clothing, which takes only a few days in a month. In these "Magic" days representatives of the couple of hundred fashionable brands come with their products in a giant hangar on the outskirts of the capital. Usually there can be purchased things up to the current season (and not the past, as usual in outlet): outfits from podiums, orders not received by customers, samples from showrooms – and all this with discounts 50-80 percent!

There are in the UK and "Sale villages". Among the most popular should be remembered by approximately an hour’s drive from London in County Oxfordshire Biceester Village (refers to the large network of Chic Outlet Shopping), "Domoki"-Boutiques of companies like Diesel, Hugo Boss, Dior, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and others – only more than 120 stores.

McArthurglen Designer Outlet: In Ashford, York, Cheshire, Bringer, Svindon, can be found across the country.

Another center of attraction for shopping lovers – Dalton Park Outlet Shopping Center between Newcastle and Middlesborough, which meets the average price categories, similar to Adidas, Marks & Spencer, Gap, Levis, Nike, Radley and others – only about 60 outlets 200 brands with goods selling with discounts more than 50 percent.

Also on the British islands there are many monobrand outlet, so before the trip it is worth looking at the site of your favorite brand and learn their addresses.

Shopping in United Kingdom

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