Shopping in Ukraine

Deposit in Odessa. Pros and cons of the wonderful and famous market

On April 6th, I found myself in the Spring Odessa. And went on "Bringing". For those who this word is unfamiliar, I will say that this is a huge market. And if you find yourself in Odessa, be sure to go there read more →

airfreedom | April 2013

Lviv advertising

But you have a small selection of advertising objects that we have seen on the streets of Lviv. We noticed this store from afar and happily rushed to him, hoping to buy likes and repost read more →

BON-A-VENTURA | December 2012

Shopping in Ukraine

Italy and the road to her

Ukraine – Hungary – Austria – Italy and back. Our trip turned out to be a length of 7300km, of which 3000 in Ukraine, and 4300 in Europe. Read more →

Sergey | August 2008

Odessa: City of Love, Sun, Sea, Humor and Piara

Three days in Odessa – this, of course, is monstrously little, although there is a whole full-length film with that name. In a good way, it is necessary to hold a week in Odessa – with swimming and exploration of different beaches, with departures to the antiquity of Belgorod-Pridnestrovsky and in some wine farms, with unhurried studies of the shady Odessa courtyards and eavesover of conversations of their colorful inhabitants. Odessa is seriously (only in this context!) And – I hope – for a long time. Read more →

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