Shopping in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest shopping markets in a region, having a long history and culture of trade. The tradition of street and market trade, advertising and art of bargaining is as peculiar to Turkish culture as tea and hospitality.


Istanbul bazaars are famous for the whole world, and even if it is not possible to find something to taste here (which is unlikely), then you can feel unequivocally to the atmosphere and traditions of this country. Kapali Carsi Bazaar is famous for jewels, carpets and antiques. Egyptian bazaar near Galata Bridge – good place to buy food. There are also a large number of shops that sell carpets and products of handfuls, in the Sultanahmet area. Moreover, the Turkish products of people’s and applied industries are famous for their characteristic design and original design – textiles and embroidery, leather and suede products, copper, ceramics and onyx, pearl inlays, jewels and spices, musical instruments and, of course, carpets are far from complete List of local "Hits selling". Throughout the country, workshops manufacturing these goods are literally under the side of the shops selling their shops, and therefore you can always choose something to taste, and order some kind of product. When buying carpets and antiques, it is very important to issue a special account (Fatura), which is obliged to declare the assessment age of the product and necessarily the price. Without such a document, Customs simply will not release the goods from the country. For the same reason it is to beware of the so-called "Antikvarov", which traded the rotation on some archaeological sites like Ephesus. Not only, for the most part, they sell frank fakes, they still do not give any documents in the event of the sale of real objects of the antiquity – and this is already a violation of local laws, which are quite capable.

There are several types of traditional bazaars in the country who continue to coexist close to modern shopping centers and supermarkets. Indoor bazaars found in all major cities are the most authentic type of local outlets, which is usually a very ancient and interesting story. They usually consist of several preferably (Bedeten and means "Indoor market" As such) – dome-shaped buildings in which some specific goods are sold. Among themselves they are connected with various indoor galleries, which in turn are also trading orders. A huge number of small stores are usually focused around such a market, each of which has its own owner, students and a set of products. But the prices here are usually slightly lower than on the market itself, due to the lower rental fee.

The most famous view of the local trade is the street markets, opening in most cities usually twice a week. Most often it is a set of outlets of all the masters, on which you can buy everything – from food to textiles or electronics. More exotic semi-permanent flea markets (Bit Pazar), located on the streets and alleys somewhere on the outskirts of the city.

The shops

Shopping in Turkey

In many cities, especially in Istanbul, everyday purchases are increasingly being made in large western type department stores and shopping centers. They are often located at some distance from the city center, closer to residential quarters. The most famous Turkish chain of department stores is Yeni Karamursel, but the branches of European networks like Praktiker and Carrefour meet everywhere.

Stores work with 09.30 to 13.30 and from 14.00 to 19.00, day off – Sunday. Grocery stores usually work up to 20.00. Many vegetable, fruit stalls and bakeries work around the clock.

Fixed prices, as well as everywhere in the East, there are far from always. In the markets it is possible and you need to bargain for each LIRU – here is art and peculiar sports. If the compromise is not achieved for the price, you can safely leave, but must with a smile – either the seller will agree to sell the goods for the last title price, or there is a similar product in the next shop and cheaper. However, lately size "Discount" increasingly reduced – the Turks are rapidly moving to a pan-European trade scheme. It is practically useless to bargain in the mail, in grocery stores and large supermarkets, in car rental agencies and transport.

Shopping in Turkey

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